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The Schenectady Wargamers Association, Inc. (SWA) is an Adventure Gaming club serving the Capital District area (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga) of upstate New York since 1974. We support all forms of adventure gaming: Role Play * Board Games * Miniatures * Card Games (Collectible and otherwise) * Computer Games * Live-Action / Interactive Literature * and whatever else you've got. We sponsor a three-day convention every year, Council of Five Nations, usually early October or late September. We also sponsor a one-day Game-a-thon every month. Even if you're not local, we've got news and content representing what's going on with the Adventure Gaming hobby all around the Northeastern United States. Welcome to our web site! Feel free to stay and browse around for awhile. If you have any questions, please contact us and ask.

January 11th Game-a-thon Schedule (Updated)


The Schenectady Wargamers Association - January 2014 Game-a-thon Summary

First Game-a-thon at Proctors!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

We're meeting in the Hearst Education Center, which is the finished basement area of the old Carl Company. The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.
For more information, including full event descriptions, click here for the January Game-a-thon page.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Pathfinder Events

Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

December 14th Game-a-Thon Schedule


The Schenectady Wargamers Association - December 2013 Game-a-thon Summary

Last Game-a-thon at the Studio!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

That's right - this is our very last event at the Studio of Bridge and Games! You can read the original announcements on our web site here and here.

We want go go out in style, so we're planning a big party atmosphere:

  • Lots of events - see below!
  • Lots of attendees - we want you all to be there!
  • Pot Luck Food - Free entry for everyone who brings a dish to share
  • Focus on nostalgia games from the 70s and 80s (but not exclusively - we have more recent games too)
  • Name that Game contest
  • Lots of fun!

For more information, including full event descriptions, click here for the December Game-a-thon page.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Pathfinder Events

Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

Please join us for this Last Hurrah at the Studio of Bridge and Games, our home base for the past 39 years.

Join us for our Last Hurrah at the Studio


We announced a couple of weeks ago that the Golub Corporation is getting ready to sell the Studio of Bridge and Games/Price Chopper Community Room.  This means that the upcoming December 14th Game-a-thon will be our last event at the Studio, our home base for the last 39 years.

We are hoping you will join us for our Last Hurrah celebration.  We’ve got big plans!


We want to fill up the Studio with lots of good games.  Our goal is to fill the big room with sixteen events in each time slot (11am-4pm, 5pm-10pm+).  We are hoping for 32 of you potential GMs to step forward and help us make this happen.

It is entirely possible that we will get too many GMs volunteering.  If that’s the case, please know that we will balance the event lineup with the goal of offering a little something for everyone to enjoy, in order to attract the most attendees.  This will not be “first come first scheduled”.  We will, of course, let you know if we can’t fit in your game.


We hope to have as many games as we can fit in the big back room at the Studio.  That means we need a lot of players to fill up those games.  We can fit over 100.  Please join us and make this the biggest, best Game-a-thon ever.  Even if you want to just come and hang out with some of your old gamng friends, one last time for old time's sake. 


To honor the founding of the SWA in 1974, and the “Golden Age” of the SWA in the 1970s and 80s, when we had open gaming at the Studio twice per week, we want to suggest to GMs that you reach up to the top shelf of your library and run some classic games from the 70s and 80s.

Here are some of the games we've already got lined up:
  • Original AD&D ("Game Room of the Mad Wizard")
  • Ogre (Steve Jackson Games)
  • Swashbucker (Yaquinto Games)
  • Dune (Avalon Hill)
  • Shogun (Milton Bradley)
  • Advanced Civilization (Avalon Hill)

Please note this is not mandatory.  We will accept games from the 90s and 2000s as well.  But we want to make a special effort to honor our past for this Last Hurrah at the Studio.  (Look for this theme to reappear at future Game-a-thons as well).


Every good party needs food.  To contribute to the sense of community, we are encouraging all players to bring a pot-luck dish.  Your dish can be home-made or store-bought, as long as it's enough to share with several people.  Desserts are especially welcome.  All attendees who bring a dish will get free entry (Game Masters continue to get free entry, as always).


We will have a “Name that Game” contest open to all attendees.  We will pull chits and pieces from games from throughout the SWA’s long history.  The person who can identify the most games that go with these pieces wins free entry to the January 2014 Game-a-thon.


Please use the online form to submit your games for the December 14th Game-a-thon.  
Web link here:  http://www.swa-gaming.org/GameathonEventRegistration

Alternately, you can email us at Gameathon@swa-gaming.org with details of your game.

Help us reach our goal of 16 events in each time slot – we want to say goodbye to the Studio of Bridge and Games in grand style!


Starting with the January 11th Game-a-thon, we will be at Proctors, the same place we've held Council of Five Nations for several years.  This will be the case for at least six months while we complete our facility search.  We will keep you posted, of course.

After 39 years, this will be the last SWA event at the Studio of Bridge and Games.  For all of you who've been a part of the SWA over the years, we hope you'll join us as we go out in style.

In Memoriam: Gerry Seypura


We are very sad to announce that the SWA has lost another one of its Founding Fathers, Gerald D. Seypura.

Gerald D. Seypura - RIPGerry was running Dungeons & Dragons (the very original 'white box' edition) since the SWA started gaming at the Studio of Bridge and Games way back in 1974.  Exceptionally friendly, Gerry was an ambassador and helped introduce dozens of new people to the Adventure Gaming hobby.  His commitment to the hobby never abated; he ran two events at last month's Council of Five Nations, and was planning on running D&D at the next Game-a-thon.

You can read Gerry's full obituary notice on the web site of the Glenville Funeral Home here:

Calling hours are this Sunday, November 17th,
4:00-6:00 PM,
at the Glenville Funeral Home
9 Glenridge Road
Glenville, NY 12302
(518) 399-1630

The Funeral Mass will take place this Monday, November 18th,
10:00 AM
at St. John the Evangelist Church
806 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12308

BIG NEWS: SWA Game-a-thons moving to Proctors


The Schenectady Wargamers Association has enjoyed a great relationship with the Studio of Bridge and Games / Price Chopper Community room since 1974.  With the passing of both Bill Shelly (2005) and Norma Shelly (2012), the original founders and proprietors of the Studio, we knew things would change eventually.

It seems that time has finally arrived. 

We received notice from Price Chopper / The Golub Corporation that the Studio will not be available for our events starting in January 2014.  They are putting the building up for sale.

So, next month's Game-a-thon, scheduled for December 14th, will be our last event at 1639 Eastern Parkway.

... but no worries!

We have an agreement already in place for Proctors to start hosting our monthly Game-a-thons. 

What we know now:
  1. Game-a-thon fees ($4 for one session, $6 for both sessions) will not change.
  2. We will be in the basement.
  3. We will have plenty of tables and good chairs.
Watch your email box, and the SWA web site, for more information as things develop.

We want to thank the Golub Corporation for hosting us, along with many other community groups, for thirty-nine years.

This is truly the end of an era.

Revised November 9th Game-a-thon Schedule


The Schenectady Wargamers Association - November 2013 Game-a-thon Summary

Game-a-thon: Saturday, November 9, 2013

We've lost one game in the evening, but added Griggling Games playtests to both sessions. So here is the revised schedule for this weekend's Game-a-Thon.

For more information, including full event descriptions, click here for the November Game-a-thon page.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Pathfinder Events

Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

The Council Discount Game Auction


It's only two days until the start of Council of Five Nations XXXVI.  We're busy processing the ~250 pre-registrations that we received.  We're looking forward to a good year of walk-ins, especially with the extra media exposure we received from our mention in All Over Albany.

As we're in the final approach to Council weekend, you're probably packing up your gaming materials to bring to the con.  You might be thinking to yourself you should get rid of some of those games that don't fit on the shelves any more.

We can help you with that!

The Discount Game Auction is one of our most popular events, and a long-time Council tradition.  It will be happening again this year during the long lunch break on Council Sunday, from 2:00-3:00 PM. We'll have over a hundred games and other gaming-related merchandise available. 

This is an open, competitive bidding auction. If you've got some games you'd like to sell, this is your chance to do so.  If you've got a few bucks left in your pocket at the end of Council weekend, this is also an opportunity for you to pick up some bargains. If you'd like to sell merchandise at our auction (any Council attendee is welcome to do so), please click here to download the Council Auction Seller's materials in PDF format  (390 Kb). The Auction packet is now updated with newer and better PDF technology.  It's easier then ever to prepare your goods for sale.

Please keep one thing in mind.  If your goal is to get top dollar, you'll probably want to sell on eBay or Board Game Geek.  This is the Council discount game auction, after all.  The general tone of the event is buying and selling bargains.  Some items get bid up pretty high, but many of our items sell well below original list price. 

Even if you're not looking to sell, please consider the Auction a great way to spend a long Sunday lunch break as you wind down from your Council weekend.  And you might pick up another gaming treasure or two to take home with you.

We hope to see you at Council of Five Nations this weekend.

Vendor Highlight at Council of Five Nations (Oct 11-13)


You've heard how Council is expanding its floor space by 50%, and the number of games offered by 60%. 

We're also expanding the square footage of the Dealer's Area by 500%.  This allows us to not only have have several more dealers, but many of our dealers will be hosting demos at their tables all weekend.

Please check out this highlight of all eight vendors we will have on site.

Griggling Games

Griggling Games, Inc. is proud to attend this year’s Council of Five Nations. We are a local publisher of family, euro-style strategy and historical games. Join us as we launch Celestial Rainbows, a light, cooperative card game of fun and enlightenment. Celestial Rainbows features the fantastic rainbow art by the visionary artist, Aurora.

All weekend you can come by and learn to play; and we invite you to join in on a light hearted tournament on Saturday afternoon. Participants will play in groups of four, with the winning group earning free copies of the game!

Later, celebrate with us at our Game Release Party on Saturday evening. Refreshments will be available as well as casual play.

FIRST LOOK:  All through the weekend, we will be running demos of several upcoming games:

DESTINATION: NEPTUNE - Colonize the solar system and manage an evolving economy in this science-based board game envisioning the next century of space exploration.

SHAEF - Take command of opposing forces on the Western Front during WWII! SHAEF is a 2 player historical wargame featuring constructible card decks with a traditional map based approach.

QUARTERMASTER GENERAL - Command a major world power during WWII in this fast-paced game of global struggle. Lead your troops and navies in battle as you manage your supply lines in this strategy board game.

Keep informed with all our news and events by following us on:

Facebook (Facebook.com/GrigglingGames)
Twitter @GrigglingGames.

The Dice Witch

Luck is a cold-hearted mistress who can reduce the most meticulously leveled characters to bungling plebes, disrupt your best-laid plans, and transform certain victory to defeat. She has always been the one element just out of your control…until now.

The Dice Witch has emerged with the power to rival Lady Fortune by summoning products designed to level up your precious polyhedrons and boost your luck:

•    Cleansing Kits wipe out the bad mojo your randomizers have collected and get you back to rolling critical hits.

•    Charging Stones are a RockStar Energy Drink for your dice, minis, meeples, or even you, providing quick boosts of strength, protection, and awareness.

Dice Witch fans share experiences:

“My friend is a newbie gamer. I used your cleansing kit on her dice the first time she played with us, and she didn’t roll lower than a 16 all night!”

“I tried the charging kit, and now my dice are so awesome, people are scared to play with me.”

In addition to luck boosting products, the Dice Witch offers meeple accessories, pewter character pendants, carved wood storage boxes, gamer jewelry, and more. Visit www.dicewitch.com or contact dicewitch@gmail.com

Level up your luck. Level up your game.

Special Council of Five Nations Promotion

The Dice Witch is running a free contest for Council of 5 Nations attendees!
Win a dice blessing, meeple bookmark, and more. http://bit.ly/XafRNi
Contest ends Wednesday, October 9th.

Christian N. St. Pierre, Artist

Christian N. St. Pierre is an artist who specializes in roleplaying game and comic book illustration. He has worked with gaming companies such as Atlas Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Hero Games, and Mongoose Publishing, among others and has worked on projects including BattleTech, Ars Magica, Unknown Armies, and various Hero System and Champions titles.

He has also worked extensively with Evil Hat Productions over the last eight years contributing nearly all the art for their Spirit of the Century game line- including the Spirit of the Century RPG; the Spirit of the Season supplement; the Dinocalypse Trilogy, Khan of Mars, and King Khan novel covers; the newly-released Race To Adventure game and expansion sets; and the upcoming Zeppelin Armada card game- as well as providing a set of interior illustrations for their The Dresden Files RPG manuals.

In addition to RPG and gaming illustration, he has been involved with various charitable projects, private commissions, and independent comic book projects and is currently beginning production on Blackjack: The King Is Dead with Blackjack creator and writer Alex Simmons. To see samples of Chris’ art and for news and contact information please visit  www.christiannstpierre.com.

Hull Breach (NSB Games)

Wage interstellar war with the developers of Hull Breach!, an award-winning science fiction card game by NSB Games. Hull Breach! pits two or more Commanders against one another for dominance of space: build up your space station and deploy your warships and Marines and throw dice to take the fight to the enemy! Sometimes described as “a miniatures game that you don't have to paint,” Hull Breach! was designed by a combat vet and incorporates all the hard lessons that multiple firefights teach.

Hull Breach! has something for every kind of wargamer: you fight on the tactical, strategic and operational levels. It's infinitely replayable and infinitely customizable, but is totally playable in 'stock' configuration right out of the box.

Do you want to be an economic powerhouse with the ability to influence events on a galactic level? Do you want to drown your enemies with a flood of ships? Or do you favor bold high-risk, high-reward operations to have your Marines seize your opponents' vessels? Our pre-constructed retail decks vary in function and composition and one of them is guaranteed to fit your style.

We completed a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to fund our new game Corporate Wars, and if you preorder with us at the Con you'll get a free deck from our award-winning alpha game. Come by and check us out! Demos are free and all materials are provided. Games typically run 30 minutes or more depending on the number of players.

You can follow the action at Facebook.com/HullBreachCCG

Quigley's Cakes

Quigley’s Cakes (www.QuigleysCakes.com, facebook.com/QuigleysCakes) will be providing gamers with the sugar they need to keep playing for hours at a time.

Quigley's Cakes - Dragon Cupcake at Council of Five Nations 36The owner started her business with a six-tier super hero wedding cake for two comic-book lovers, and from that went straight into Tardis cakes, the Enterprise and dragons — good to slay AND eat! All of Quigley’s Cakes artful edibles taste as good as they look.

Sandra Quigley doesn’t believe in making things that don’t taste great. Stop by her booth to buy cupcakes in an amazing variety of flavors, and pick out the ones that represent your character best — including armor and weapons. Add some delicious wandering monsters and you’ll have enough sugar to entertain you until your character dies. She also makes custom cakes. Order one for the whole table to enjoy! She can turn the cover of your campaign module into a sugar sheet to cover the top of your cake as an edible centerpiece for your campaign. She can even carve you a dragon out of cake and you can enjoy the discussion of who wants a leg, the tail or the head!

To place an order contact Sandra at 518*396*7889 or email QuigleysCakes@gmail.com. Want to make your own cupcake monster? She will teach you! There will several cupcake-decorating demos throughout the weekend offered conveniently in between campaigns.

Eat, fight, win!

Cooper's Cave Games & Paintball

Cooper's Cave Games and Paintball is the area's premier gaming venue.  They specialize in collectible card games and accessories, board games, miniatures games, and collectibles.  Cooper's Cave offers an enormous selection of Magic the Gathering singles and products.  They support a booming casual and tournament gaming scene through both weekly and special events.

Cooper's Cave carries: Funko, POP!, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Ascension, Dungeons and Dragons, Yugioh, Vanguard, Board Games, My Little Pony, Dr. Who, and lots more.

Check out their web site at (www.CoopersCavePaintball.com).

Zombie Planet

Zombie Planet has been vending at Council for over a dozen years.  They will be bringing a full variety of gaming goodness. Check out their web site at (www.zombie-planet.com).

Mr Joshua's Collectibles & Consignment

Please remember that Council pre-registration closes on Monday, October 7th.  That's just nine days from now.

You can save money and increase your chance of getting your top choice events by pre-registering.

All the info you need is here:  www.swa-gaming.org/Council

We hope to see you at Council of Five Nations XXXVI.

September 14th Game-a-thon Schedule


The Schenectady Wargamers Association - September 2013 Game-a-thon Summary

JenEriCon: Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jennifer and Eric Paperman met while gaming at the Studio of Bridge and Games and were married in September 1993. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they are taking over the September Game-a-Thon and renaming it.

Jennifer and Eric will be providing food (bagels in the morning, pizza and cake in the evening) and beverages (soda and milk). They will also pay the admission for anyone who brings them an anniversary card (hand-made or store-bought). To qualify, the card has to at least have the following words: Anniversary, And, Eric, Happy, Jennifer, 20th.

The SWA has arranged to have both the front and back rooms at the Studio of Bridge and Games (aka Price Chopper Community Room) at 1639 Eastern Parkway in Schenectady. So there'll be plenty of room for everyone who wants to help Jennifer and Eric celebrate this joyous milestone.

For more information, including full event descriptions, click here for the September Game-a-thon page.

Both Sessions ( 11am - 10pm+ )

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Pathfinder Events

Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

Council Online Registration is now Open


Council online pre-registration is now available. Please click to go the Council Online Registration page now.

You have two options to pre-register (and save money by doing so). 
  • Register online (and pay via PayPal or credit card)
  • Register the old-fashioned way by filling out the paper form and mailing it to us via US Post
  • Both are good options.  We will process the pre-registrations in the order we receive them.

Please note:
We announced the pre-reg info was first available on August 27th.  We told you that first PDF was a beta version in need of some editing. 

The version now available for download has been edited. 

If you have not already mailed in your pre-reg, we suggest you download the new PDF, since some events have been moved and some codes have been changed.

Please watch your email box, and the SWA web site, for more Council news.  Lots of good stuff is happening.

We hope to see all of you in five weeks!

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