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The Schenectady Wargamers Association, Inc. (SWA) is an Adventure Gaming club serving the Capital District area (Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga) of upstate New York since 1974. We support all forms of adventure gaming: Role Play * Board Games * Miniatures * Card Games (Collectible and otherwise) * Computer Games * Live-Action / Interactive Literature * and whatever else you've got. We sponsor a three-day convention every year, Council of Five Nations, usually early October or late September. We also sponsor a one-day Game-a-thon every month. Even if you're not local, we've got news and content representing what's going on with the Adventure Gaming hobby all around the Northeastern United States. Welcome to our web site! Feel free to stay and browse around for awhile. If you have any questions, please contact us and ask.

Council Event Highlight - Gaming Artist Christian N. St. Pierre


Artist Christian N. St. Pierre at Council of Five Nations XXXVII - Adventure Gaming Convention - 2014Christian N. St. Pierre’s work has appeared in dozens of gaming products. Examples include Atlas Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Hero Games, Mongoose Publishing and Hero Games.  He will have many original works on display in the Vendor’s Hall at Council.  You can see dozens of his works at his web site: www.ChristianNStPierre.com.

Chris will also be sponsoring a group discussion/seminar on how to get your art published in the gaming industry during the lunch break on Sunday, October 12th, 1:00-2:00 PM, at his table in the Vendor Hall.

Breaking In and Staying In for Artists
Artist Christian N. St. Pierre will discuss the dos and don'ts of breaking in and working in the table-top game industry as an artist. This presentation will focus on the steps to building your portfolio, establishing your reputation, and maintaining your career.

Also, please remember that you have three days to pre-register for Council of Five Nations. Pre-reg closes at 11:59 PM this Monday, October 6th. You can still register on-site, but the cost goes up by roughly 25%. Pre-registering also increases your chances of getting your first choice of events.

You can find all the Council of Five Nations information at this info hub link:

We hope to see all of you next weekend, at Council of Five Nations XXXVII.

Council Event Highlight - Play with the Designers


We are very fortunate to have a whole bunch of events on the Council event schedule this year where you can play with that game's designer.  We are sure that Jeannie (Behutunsburg), Eric (AstroSmashers), Nick (Waking Dreams RPG), Jim (Merchants of Freeburg), Ken (Squadron Strike) and the team from Griggling Games (Quartermaster General, Destination: Neptune & Celestial Rainbows) would love to have you play in their creations.  Here is your chance. 

Please also note that all the Waking Dreams RPG sessions are free demos - just walk up and jump into the game at table 15 in the GE Theatre any time. No ticket necessary.

Here is the session summary of all the Designer games:

A-Board-1 * Behutunsburg
A-Board-3 * Celestial Rainbows
A-Demo-1 * Wandering about lost * Waking Dreams RPG
B-Board-7 * Giant Quartermaster General * Quartermaster General
B-Minis-3 * Die Another Day * Squadron Strike
B-Demo-1 * Wandering about lost * Waking Dreams RPG
C-Board-13 * Quartermaster General
C-Board-18 * Merchants of Freeburg
C-Demo-1 * Wandering about lost * Waking Dreams RPG
D-Board-12 * Quartermaster General
D-Demo-1 * Just Add Steam * Waking Dreams RPG
E-Board-9 * Destination: Neptune
E-Board-18 * Merchants of Freeburg
E-Demo-1 * Just Add Steam * Waking Dreams RPG
F-Board-12 * Quartermaster General
F-Minis-6 * Battle of Drorke’s Rift * Squadron Strike
F-Demo-1 * Just Add Steam * Waking Dreams RPG
G-Board-5 * AstroSmashers
G-Board-11 * Destination: Neptune
G-Demo-1 * To dream or not to dream * Waking Dreams RPG
H-Board-1 * AstroSmashers
H-Demo-1 * To dream or not to dream * Waking Dreams RPG

Please click for full event descriptions for games where you can play with the Designer.

Please also remember that pre-registration for Council closes at 11:59 PM on this coming Monday, October 6th.

We hope to see all of you at Council of Five Nations next week!

Council Event Highlight - Game Soapbox Productions


We have several 'signature events' at Council this year (starting in just nine days from now!).

The first we'd like to highlight is the series of RPG events run by Andre Kruppa.  Andre's events consistently sell out at conventions all around the Northeast, and we are happy to welcome him to his first Council.

Andre Kruppa of Game Soapbox Productions

Andre of Game Soapbox Productions is presenting 3 theatrically enhanced immersive role-playing events this year. These events use soudscapes, music, theatrical lighting, and a few props to help create a memorable role-playing experience. A bit more about this approach can be found here:


If you'd like to register, look for these events:
  • Fri 7pm (C) - C-RPG-3 - Dead Light - Call of Cthulhu
  • Sat 2pm (E) - E-RPG-1 - The Colony - Call of Cthulhu
  • Sat 7pm (F) - F-RPG-1 - Incident at Owl Lake - Lucid Dreams Roleplaying Engine
Please note that because of the extensive costs associated with this game, event tickets are $5 each.

Please also remember that pre-registration closes in just 5 days, at 11:59 PM on Monday, October 6th.

You can find all the Council of Five Nations information at this info hub link:

We hope to see you all at Council this year!

Game Soapbox Productions

Six days left for Council Pre-Registration


You have six days until pre-registration for Council of Five Nations XXXVII closes at 11:59 PM on Monday, October 6th.

You can click here to Pre-Register via the online form.

We need a few days to process all your pre-regs and to get ready to have the doors open at 8am-ish on Friday, October 10th.  If you are downloading the pre-reg material and sending your printed registration form to us via US Post, please remember we must receive it by Monday, October 6th.

Please remember, registration prices go up about 25% if you miss pre-registration.  You can still pay at the door of course, but why not save yourself some money?

Please see below for links to all the Council info.  Everything you need is below.

We hope to see all of you at Council this year.

Please click to download the Council Pre-Registration packet in PDF format.
Please click to Pre-Register via the online form (with immediate PayPal or Credit Card payment).
Please click for the pre-registration booklet informational text (the stuff besides the event listings).
Please click to go to the Chronological listing of all events.
Please click here to see all our Special Interest Event Tracks.
Please click for Directions to Council of Five Nations.
Please click for the Council Hotels page.
Please click for the Council Parking page.
Please click for Downtown Schenectady resources for Dining, Shopping, and a Visitor's Map.

Web pages highlighting our game events and special event tracks

Please click to go to the Chronological listing of all events.
Please click for your chance to play with the game Designers.
Please click for the list of Kids games.
Please click to see all the Free Demo game events during Council weekend.
Please click for the Board Game Geek Top 50 event track page.
Please click for the listing of all the Historical Miniatures events.
Please click for the Star Fleet Battles tournament page.
Please click for the Science Fiction games event track page.
Please click for the Horror games event track page.
Please click for the events in the Council Wargame Room.
Please click for the list of Avalon Hill Classic games.
Please click to see options to play qualifying games for the SWA's Northeast TITAN Championship tournament.
Please click for the list of all our Old School classics.
Please click for the Battleground: Fantasy & Historical Warfare event track page.
Please click for the Train games event track.

If you have any questions, please email us at Council /at/ swa-gaming.org
(Please replace the "/at/" with the typical "@" sign.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.)

Council of Five Nations Iroquois Warrior Logo

Large Format Printing for SWA Gamers


The SWA* is happy to offer our gaming friends large-format printing services at a steep discount.

We now have access to a 42” large-format full-color printer.  The rolls of paper are 42” wide, so your printed image can be up to 41” wide (3 foot 5 inches wide) and 6 feet long.

Here is a photo of a  map we recently printed for a WW2 game:

Large Format Map of A Bridge Too Far ASL Scenario

For reference, the map graphic is about 40" wide and 30" tall. The table is 66"x38".

Because you are part of the adventure gaming community, we are able to offer these prints to you at less than half the cost of normal retail operations.

For a 2’x3’ full-color print on matte paper, here is what the big guys charge:
  • Staples: $ 28.00
  • OfficeMax: $ 27.00
  • Kinkos: $ 43.50

We are able to offer the same print to you for only $10.00.

Special Discount for Council of Five Nations GMs
If you are running a game for us at Council this year, and you have some game materials that would be enhanced by this large format, we especially encourage you to contact us ASAP.  You will get a significant discount over the already-discounted price shown above. We are here to support you as your efforts support our convention.

If you’re interested, please email Dave /at/ DCEnterprises.biz to work out details.  Please provide your phone number for quickest reply.

Please replace the /at/ with the typical @ symbol.  We apologize for this anti-spam measure.


Paper Stock
We regret that we can only offer one type of paper stock at this time. We have several rolls of bright white, 95 g/m2 stock.  It feels like 24 lb thickness. This paper is has the high-quality inket white coating, to better accept the ink. These inks are not waterproof – protect your prints or the ink will run if moistened. We are not offering any kind of mounting or lamination services at this time. We encourage you to do those things yourself.

Cost Calculations
Costs are primarily based on the amount of paper used.  For example…
  • A standard 2’x3’ print will cost $10.00. This image is 6 square feet, but uses only 2 feet of roll paper.
  • A long, narrow 1’x6’print is also 6 square feet, but takes 6 feet of paper to produce, if you want it in one continuous piece with no edges to tape.  There would be an extra charge for this print, since it uses three times more paper. Final cost would be something like $16. We’ll work it out.
Our primary goal is to support gamers who come to SWA events, where the prints can be delivered in person. No shipping costs! That being said, we are willing to ship to you if necessary, but it won’t be at a discounted price. Tubes big enough to ship paper 42” wide are not cheap. If you require your print shipped, please be prepared to pay full costs plus handling. We’ll work it out.
Print-Ready Images
We are not able to offer professional-quality image manipulation or graphic design at this time. Your best option is to provide us with print-ready images, ideally in PDF format. Other formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.) are OK too, but PDF is best.  There will be a charge for images that need to be manipulated before printing.

All payments will be either in cash (in person) or via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, we can accept your credit card payment through our PayPal interface.

You will have to pay 8.5% NYS tax on all merchandise.

Service Provider*
The Schenectady Wargamers Association (SWA) is not offering this service. It is being provided by DC Enterprises, a sole proprietorship run by one of the SWA Planning team. DC Enterprises is not a printing company.  It is an Executive Coaching and HR Consulting company that happens to own a gigantic large-format, full-color printer. We do this not to make lots of profit (as you can see in the cost to you being over 50% below market rates), but as a service to our friends in the Adventure Gaming community.

Thank you.

Big Council News: Pre-Registration is Open


Hello Northeast Gamers,

Pre-Registration is now open for Council of Five Nations XXXVII, coming next month, October 10-12.
Convention info is now available online.

You can click here to download the Council Pre-Registration packet in PDF format.

You can click here for the pre-registration booklet informational text (the stuff besides the event listings).

You can click here to go to the chronological listing of all events.

You can click here to go to the online registration form (with PayPal payment).

Event Highlights:
  • Lots of Pathfinder Society RPG all weekend
  • Lots of RPGA / D&D Expeditions with the new Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition
  • Warhammer 40K tournament on Council Sunday (Oct 12)
  • Warrior tournament on Council Saturday (Oct 11)
  • Immersive RPG adventures with Andre Kruppa
  • The biggest and best Star Fleet Battles tournament in the whole world, all weeekend
  • Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
  • Several opportunities to play with game designers
  • Over 200 events the weekend!

Please note...
Every year we have severeal good folks volunteer to help us at the registration desk. If you're not GMing for us, this is another way you can get discounted entry to the convention.  Please see the details on page 4 of the PDF file, or in the pre-registration booklet informational text on the web.

Watch your email box for more updates as they happen!

September 13th Game-a-thon Schedule


The Schenectady Wargamers Association - September 2014 Game-a-thon Summary

Game-a-thon: Saturday, September 13, 2014

We're meeting at Proctors in the Hearst Education Center (a.k.a. the basement area). The primary entrance to this space is a staircase next to Proctors Box Office.
For more information, including full event descriptions, click here for the September Game-a-thon page.

Both Sessions ( 11am - 10pm )

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Pathfinder Events

Follow this link to the local Pathfinder's Lodge to see the event schedule and descriptions and sign up to play.
The Capital Region Pathfinder's Lodge also has a Facebook group.

Last Call for Council Events


Just want to give you fine folks an update on where we stand with Council of Five Nations events & registration.  Council is coming in two months, October 10-12 this year.


A big Thank You to all of you who have volunteered to run games for us.  We have all that nice square footage to fill up, and we are doing well. 

Please consider this the "last call" for events to get listed in the pre-reg booklet.  We would especially like to offer a few more Miniatures events.  Please remember, run one event and get your weekend registration free.  Run two events and not only do you get in free, but you also get a special GMs-only T-Shirt.  But only if you get in before the deadline.

You can see full details on submitting events here:  www.swa-gaming.org/CouncilEventForm

The final, final deadline for getting events listed in the pre-reg booklet is Sunday, August 17th.

Council Pre-Registration

We expect to have pre-registration material out some time during the last week of August.  We will, of course, send out messages via multiple internet channels.

Watch your email box and the SWA web site for the latest updates.

We hope to see all of you this coming October 10-12 at Council of Five Nations.

SWA Member Crowdfunding


Mike Haggett has been a fixture at SWA events for many years.  He's in the top five for the highest number of events run at Council & Game-a-thons (over 70!), so many of you have probably played in a game with him.

Mike is using Indiegogo to crowdfund his upcoming move to Providence, Rhode Island.  He and his wife are offering some very nice rewards for various funding levels.  If you are looking to get some gaming material published, Mike would be an excellent editor to have working with you.

You can see all the details of the campaign here:

The campaign ends on September 1st.

Thank you.

Looking for Star Fleet game donations


Hello SWA Community,

For many years, Council of Five Nations has been one of the largest face-to-face gatherings of Star Fleet Battles (SFB) players in the whole world.  With Amarillo Design Bureau no longer attending Origins, we are making a special push to attract players of all their Star Fleet Universe (SFU) games to this year’s Council.

Part of this effort is to have product for our new “Take One Leave One” table.  This will serve two purposes:
1.    Current players can swap an SFU product they have for another they would like.
2.    New players can walk away with something free, to help get them into Star Fleet gaming.

A few SWA members have already donated some used SFU games, and we have a pile of good stuff about 18” high.  We are looking to add to that, if you have something you’d like to donate.

We are happy to accept any-and-all ADB game products, in whatever usable condition:
•    Star Fleet Battles
•    Federation & Empire
•    Federation Commander
•    A Call to Arms: Star Fleet
•    Star Fleet Battle Force
•    Star Fleet Marines
•    Starmada
•    Prime Directive RPG
•    Captain’s Log magazines
•    Star Fleet miniatures
•    Star Trek collectibles
•    Anything you’ve got that you think would be appropriate for Star Fleet/Star Trek gaming!

You can click to read more about Star Fleet gaming at Council of Five Nations at the special page on the SWA web site.

If you have product to donate, please simply reply to this email, or just bring it to the Star Fleet room at Council (upstairs – 2nd floor) when you attend this year.

Thank you.

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