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The Legacy Campaign

GM: David Watson


The Legacy is Dave's campaign world, not the RPG rules system. Experience for yourself the 20+ years of development that he's put into his creation. Hopefully you'll like it so much you'll want to join his regular campaign group. Below is some material he's produced to introduce new players.

WANTED: COMMITTED ROLEPLAYERS ! WELCOME TO THE LEGACY It is the sincere hope of every man and woman to leave something to their children. Many would say that this is what drives humankind. The trick is to leave a Legacy that may live on indefinitely, yet still capture the devotion and imagination of its children. But isn't civilization the most precious Legacy that one can leave to one's heirs... And sentient civilization is doomed !!! Join the LEGACY as it seeks to simultaneously discover, hide and protect sentient civilization from those who would seek its destruction. Become a Prince of the Blood, City, Demons, Lineage or Monarchy; one of their Companions; or one of their Minions. Explore a world that has had over twenty (20) years of development by its GameMaster and its GamePlayers. Join in its Economic Conflicts, its Political Machinations, its Labyrinths, its Wars and most importantly, its LEGACY !! Enjoy the company of fabled Heroes, wicked Foes, mighty WarriorMages and the other Players while they pursue the LEGACY or their own personal aspirations. Seeking Creative, Imaginative, Professionally-minded, Mature individuals willing to PARTICIPATE in a COMPLICATED, Role-playing Strategy Game unlike anything you have ever experienced. Assist in the Development of an interactive Fantasy Environment while having lots of challenging fun. Not for the weak of heart, the foolish, or the non-committal. DM's, GM's, Referees, Role-players, Strategy Gamers, and Women are Welcome. Come join the GamePlayers and participate in something worth your time and effort. Bi-Monthly commitment required (WEEKLY commitment preferred) CALL DAVE WATSON @ 482-5418 evenings or 434-9194, x109 days, or email him at synakkah@nycap.rr.com. Please leave a message with your name and telephone number, if necessary.
OPEN LETTER REGARDING YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE LEGACY Greetings ! Thank you for taking the time to read this recruitment tool for the campaign in my GameWorld that I call the LEGACY. I am seeking additional GamePlayers to participate in and help shape my GameWorld. This letter is my sincerest attempt to encourage you, or some of your regular GamePlayers, or both, to assist in the development of an interactive, fantastic GameWorld. I am the GameMaster of both the GameWorld and the current LEGACY Campaign. I have had numerous discussions with my GamePlayers regarding the kind of individuals that would enhance the group of GamePlayers as they share in the development of the GameWorld. We have arrived at several conclusions, some of which were articulated in the flyers that accompanied every Council of Five Nations Gaming Convention (CFN) participants' information package. The qualities of the GamePlayers that we are seeking are creativity, imagination, maturity and professionally-mindedness. More specifically, the following came to mind: The GamePlayers We, the GameMaster and GamePlayers, believe that every style of GamePlayer shares certain qualities with every other style of GamePlayer, whether they are Board Gamers (BG), Collectible Card Gamers (CCG), Miniature Gamers (MG) or Role-playing Gamers (RPG); We believe that one commonality between these different styles is the need for regular mental stimulation, often of an interactive nature; Further, we believe that another shared desire amongst the different styles of GamePlayers is the need for observation of and participation in a set of pre-generated rules arranged in a system that defines a microcosm of our reality. These two qualities combine in GamePlayers to different degrees and produce GamePlayers who are interested in either, BG, CCG, MG or RPG. This interest is usually to the exclusion of most, if not all, of the other styles. My GameWorld provides both of these commonalties to different degrees to all of the participant GamePlayers. It is a unique experience for everyone and the more GamePlayers, the more unique the experience for themselves and everyone else. We are searching for GamePlayers who are willing and able to assist in the development of an interactive, fantastic GameWorld and who hail from one or more of the different styles referenced above. The GameWorld is not strictly for RPG, rather it has elements of strategy worthy of any MG, speed and intense interaction worthy of any CCG, and the certainty and boundaries worthy of any BG. I have decided to solicit your participation in my GameWorld because of your work at the CFN as a GameMaster/Referee. That kind of activity demonstrated, to me and my GamePlayers, a certain level of commitment, creativity, dedication and imagination. If you have read this far, then you have also demonstrated a certain level of maturity and professional-mindedness; interest, if you will, or at the very least, curiosity. The GameWorld The LEGACY is a campaign in a GameWorld that has had over twenty (20) years of joint development between its GameMaster and GamePlayers. The GameWorld, is itself vast, comprising an area approximately equal to over one-thousand (1000) Earth's. The GameWorld is populated with various fantastic civilizations, creatures and races. All of which are the logical extremes of some common and classical sources coupled with a large amount of unique development on the part of the GameMaster and the GamePlayers. Whether the civilizations, creatures or races are technologically driven, magically driven, bent on world conquest or economic dominion, or simply living in cooperation with nature, depends entirely upon the genre of the current campaign. The GameWorld is large enough to accommodate a nearly infinite variety of campaigns while still preserving consistency, detail and flexibility, in each and everyone. Each of the campaigns has been completely explained with the paramount question of Why ? in mind. That is to say, the motivations of the civilizations, creatures, races, and even, the GamePlayers are logical answers to the question Why ? The GameMaster has endeavored to develop the GameWorld with this important consideration in mind and has engaged in the progression of the various elements of each of the campaigns with an extreme degree of logic and realism. Though fantastic the GameWorld is very real in a sense, often evoking a very personal and tangible reaction from its GamePlayers. The rules are simple, there is an equal and opposite reaction to every action upon the GameWorld, often within the context in which the GamePlayers have created, or one in which they find themselves. In other words, though I have Elves in my GameWorld they are far less idyllic than they are threatening. The Campaign The LEGACY is the latest campaign in the GameWorld and it is designed to be the greatest in scope. The LEGACY is a zealous group of powerful individuals determined to halt the perceived onslaught of machine-sentience against the unprepared and vulnerable elements of natural-sentience. It is a heroic campaign in the classic sense while preserving some baser and realistic elements common to other campaigns; should the GamePlayers seek them out. The challenge of the LEGACY can be participated in either impersonally, personally, directly, indirectly or occasionally. This malleable quality of the LEGACY allows for a variety of comfort levels as well as participation by individuals who are more traditional BG, CCG, MG and RPG as GamePlayers in this GameWorld. The flexibility inherent in both the GameWorld and the LEGACY is one of its most attractive and endearing features. It results in a group of GamePlayers with diverse backgrounds who are all united in the pursuit of a genuine challenge. The detail of the LEGACY, much like the detail present in any of my other campaigns, is designed to allow the GamePlayers an opportunity to comfortably interact at either the strategic, tactical, or role-playing level with all of the elements of the GameWorld, whether they be a persona, group, system, or concept. The LEGACY delivers ! Your immediate participation in the LEGACY, should you decide to join the GamePlayers, is as a multi-disciplined mercenary of sorts whose task it is to complete a number of small undertakings, each of which fit within the larger scheme of the LEGACY to some degree or another. You may become more actively or passively, impersonally or personally involved should you so desire. There are ten (10) pre-generated characters which will be randomly rotated amongst the GamePlayers monthly to encourage diversity of development. A bi-monthly commitment is required, but a weekly commitment is encouraged. We meet Saturday or Sunday afternoons, depending on the schedules of the GameMaster and the GamePlayers, from 1 PM to approximately 8 PM in Colonie. Transportation can be most easily arranged in the areas surrounding the City of Watervliet, the City of Rensselaer and the City of Albany. We Want You, Your GamePlayers, or Both Comments, criticisms or questions should be directed to Dave Watson, the GameMaster, at 5 Stonegate Ct., Albany, NY 12205, 482-5418, daytime 434-9194, x109, or at synakkah@nycap.rr.com. Please contact me at any of the above locations should you or someone you know be interested in joining my GamePlayers and participating in the LEGACY.