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1. The fire control penalty for multiple ships firing at the same target is too low, what do people think it should be? Is the a number at which it doesn't matter anymore?

2. An old torpedo hits on old AC or BB, what is the chance that it sinks?

3. Critical hit rules seem to be working basically OK. However we should take a vote and advise the GM as to whether they are wanted in our Med Campaign. All players please vote yes, no or don't care, (all others feel free to chime in also).

4. First turn only requires a strategic order and the expenditure of 5 RPs, so it is very easy. When should I make the deadline for the first move?

Thanks! Smiling

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Re: Questions:

i have decided to drop out of the ww 1 game. i am sorrry that it took me this long to come this decision but i wanted to make it before the game got underway. anyone interested in picking up an italian fleet?

Re: Questions:

1) Eric's suggestion is a good one. This lets 2 ships or a 3 ship division fire at the same target without much of a penalty, and lets it get worse as the ganging continues.

2) You could work this into a crit, perhaps. If a crit occurs from a torp on a non-dreadnought, immediately make a sink test on the little chart. If it sinks, glub glub. If not, apply normal crit damage. You could probably even apply it to dreadnoughts as well.

3) Yes to the crits, and I like the frequency at the moment.

4) A week or 2 once the lists are out should be sufficient.

Re: Questions:

1) I suggested a -1 per every full 2 ships firing. I'm not sure there needs to be a "max" modifier - but maybe make it so a 9 (6+6) always = a lock on??

2) Haven't done enough reading yet - but my first inclination is to have torps do 1 hit vs modern capital ships and double damage (2) vs pre-dreads.

3) Yes to critical hits - with my possible change as well

4) Not longer than a week after we resolve the remain questions on shipbuilding/sales.