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WWI Campaign economics/ship building


Are there are rules for, thoughts on etc the pre-war transfer of Industry Points? Either as lend lease or on ship construction?

As an example - Turkey is "paying" England 2 IP per turn which goes to construction on the 2 dreadnoughts ordered. Basically gambling that war will hold off long enough to them to be completed and delivered.

Or a hypothetica alternative where the Greeks are paying the Russians for a pair of cruisers (or the 4th Imp. Maria DN) etc.

I think this would add a nice edge of "gamble" and strategic thinking to the pre-war years. Obviously ships which are "defaulted" on or seized would incur victory point/prestige point losses to the defaulter/seizer.

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Re: WWI Campaign economics/ship building

Also, exchanges should be considered. IE: Trading port and basing rights for CL's or or RP/IP. This is more likely between allies than potential opponents, but would allow for some interesting diplomatic moves.

Re: WWI Campaign economics/ship building

Pre-war it should certainly be possible, although we might choose to limit it in some way. Buying and selling of older ships, and even contracts for newer dreadnoughts, was certainly done. I agree it could add something to the pre-war strategizing. Another thought, of course, is how certain are we that all of our allies will enter the war at the same time? Are there formal alliances and will they be honored promptly? Or are they more in the nature of "understandings", ala France and Britain? Things to ask Tim about Smiling

After the war, it would seem that RPs would have to be sent by convoy route if a land or very easy sea route (i.e., Germany-AH, England-France, etc.) was not available.