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Manila Battle - and challenge to readers


I finished the Manila write-up faster than I thought, it is now posted under "what's new" at www.timsgamedesign.netfirms.com. I have also written up the fleet list and situation for what will be the final battle of the campaign, to be played out at my house Thursday 29th.

Here is my challenge to readers: The US fleet will consist of 4 battleships and 3 monitors. The Spanish have 2 battleships and 6 armored cruisers. (Check out the web page if you want to know more).

My challenge - predict on this thread how many and what types of ships will end up sunk on both sides. Treat surrendered, scuttled and run aground as sunk. Actual results will be posted on the 30th!

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Re: Manila Battle - and challenge to readers

Mike, just to point out, you did about even with historical in the Manilla Bay fight. Just for numbers sake, 372 Spanish died and 11 ships sunk and the Americans lost 0 ships, 0 dead, and 8 wounded.

Re: Manila Battle - and challenge to readers

hmmm i geuss the time is near. who will win this battle? i might be ablle to make it late but dont count on me.

Re: Manila Battle - and challenge to readers

Posted: Thu May 22, 2003 10:59 am Post subject:


Bob will lead the battle for the Amricans and I will be a little late, as I am coming from work. Hope to be there by 730, maybe more close to 830 though. My prediction is 1 battleship and 2 cruisers escape and the rest of the Spanish navy sunk. American losses will be light.


hmm, an interesting question. I believe that the spainish should be able to seperate the american fleet and sufficiently suprise it as to be able to sink 2 or 3 american ships. they will then be able to escape with 2 acs back to spain. i belive the ships lost to the americans will be 1or 2 monitors and one batle ship.

Re: Manila Battle - and challenge to readers

Not sure if I will be able to make the battle or not - its a ways off yet..but my prediction is simple Eye-wink

Complete spanish defeat - I'll bet on all 8 ships crippled or sunk, although I confess that several of the armored cruisers may make it out if they abandon the rest fast enough. The Americans losses will be dependent on which BBs are present - if the Texas or another second class BB is present I'll bet on it being crippled/sunk. Unless the set up is rather weird or the Americans mess up badly I don't expect the shore batteries to matter at all.

Note this is based on a Spanish fleet which is attempting to sally/escape -
if the Spanish seek a gotterdamerung type final battle I'm willing to bet that they can sink all the monitors+one of the BBs before dying.