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2017 CDW Recap


Hi! It was another good year for CDW events. There were 10 SWA events in all, including 5 game-a-thon and 5 C5N. Still maintained a great variety too! Game-a-thon events included 5 different games (Here I Stand, Napoleonic Wars, Sword of Rome, Hannibal: RvC & Wilderness War). Unfortunately, none of the game-a-thon events were well attended except for Napoleonic Wars. By contrast, all the C5N events were sold out except Here I Stand.

Unlike years past, this year we had 5 CDW events at C5N! Wow! The events were spread over all 3 days and like I mentioned before most of them were well attended too. Thanks to all the GMs that made this possible! It was a fun Council!

There were some new players this year, most of them at C5N. Attendance at the game-a-thons hasn't been encouraging. For this reason I am going to take a break from hosting CDW events in 2018. I'll have to see how I feel this time next year, maybe I'll run some events in 2019. Thanks to all who participated in a CDW event, your support was most appreciated! I hope your CDW experience was enjoyable!

Eric (Stargazer)