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Silent Auction for games from the Wargo Estate

Hello SWA Community,

In previous messages, we told you about our efforts to inventory all the gaming treasure in Tom Wargo's game collection.  We announced that our goal is to sell it all in one batch to a used game dealer.

After some extended discussion, we've changed our minds on that plan.  SWANews, our email newsletter, has about 1,000 subscribers around the Northeast.  Why not give our membership a chance to purchase lots of items from the estate at a discount, and hopefully bring in more money for Tom's family?

There are over 2000 items, separated into 39 lots.  Here is a brief, top-level summary...
  • 13 lots of Role-Play games and related supplements
  • 10 lots of Wargames and Board games
  • 7 lots of Miniatures
  • 8 lots of gaming Magazines
  • One lot of Computer Games

This is just a quick summary.  For more details, please click to go to the page on the SWA web site.
Link:  http://www.swa-gaming.org/wargo-estate

We will have three rounds of "silent auction" bidding via email.  You are all invited to participate, game dealers included.  Please see the page on the SWA web site with more details on the bidding process.

Let's assume "street value" is the full price you would currently pay for an item on eBay or Board Game Geek.  We expect the game dealers will bid around 40-50% of street value for each lot (We understand they need to make a margin to stay in business).

If the final bid is closer to 75% of street value, we see that as a win-win.  You win by getting some quality game merchandise at a significant discount over what you would normally pay.  Tom's young daughter wins because she gets more money for her college fund.

Please click here to go to the page on the SWA web site where we have the whole process outlined in greater detail.
Link:  http://www.swa-gaming.org/wargo-estate

Please also click here to download the compressed ZIP file with the full line-by-line inventory list in two formats (Excel and PDF), and other related documents.
Link:  http://www.swa-gaming.org/Downloads

We expect the first round of bids to be in by Friday, December 22nd (*UPDATED*) Sunday, December 31st.

Thank you for your interest.  And thank you for helping us get as much as we can for the college fund of Tom's daughter.