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Two lost minis events at Council - Rediscovered!


Due to an administrative error, two miniatures events that were submitted before the deadline were left out of the event schedule. We have now corrected that error.  Please see the full listings below.  They are also included on the Chronological Event Listing on the SWA web site, and an updated version of the pre-registration packet (PDF) we just uploaded tonight.

If you have already pre-registered, but would like to switch to one of these events, please email us at
Council.Registrar /at/ swa-gaming.org
and give us the details.  We will switch your registration.

(Please replace the /at/ with the typical "@" sign).

The full event descriptions...

The Cart • Frostgrave
Event Code: E-Minis-6 • $ 2
Game Master: Michael Griffin • 8 Players • E10
Seems there is a new power in Frostgrave.  No one has seen him directly, but everyone thinks the new horde of goblins rooming the ruins are working for him.   They seem to show up each time a party goes into Frostgrave to forage.
     A fellow just came into the tavern where many of the Frostgrave exploring wizards hang out.   Said there is a broken down cart just bulging with supplies and a few goblins guarding it.   Bet there are some fine treasures on it.   And it might take this new power down a notch or two if his stuff was lost.  
Quick get the boys together!  Let's see if we can find this cart....   Beginners encouraged.

Breakout!!! • G&Z Home Rules WW2
Event Code: F-Minis-6 • $ 2
Game Master: Michael Griffin • 6 Players • E10
Late July 1944,  The Americans are breaking out of the Normandy hedgerows during operation Cobra. This scenario is representative of what typically occurred during this time.  Can the German forces hold the line, perhaps push back, or will the Americans break through their lines?    Beginners encouraged.


Council of Five Nations XXXIX begins in exactly two weeks!  (Friday, September 23 - Sunday, September 25)

If you pre-register, you save roughly 20% on your door entry fee.  Pre-registration closes at midnight on Monday, September 19th.

We hope to see many of you at Council this year!