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SWA looking for FileMaker database software

Let's talk a little bit about an integral tool that helps make Council of Five Nations happen - FileMaker Pro database software.

The SWA has been using FileMaker Pro for years, in lots of ways...
  • We track over 2,000 adventure gamers in a FileMaker database
  • We have separate databases to track hundreds of Star Fleet Battles and Historical Miniatures gamers
  • We track and schedule all the events at Council of Five Nations each year
  • We create over 1,000 tickets for Council event registration each year
  • We have a stand-alone server that SWA officers can log into remotely, just to house our FileMaker databases.

We currently have six legit, paid licenses (thanks to the Redlich Law Firm for donating five of them). 
We are coming to the realization that we could use several more, to spread the work across more people.

We are wondering if any of you fine folks in the SWA community might have some unused FileMaker Pro licenses.
We are looking for the full retail license, not any "upgrade" disks.

Older versions are not only fine, they are preferred!  FileMaker v14 is the most current, but we run v9. BUT, versions 7 through 11 can all share files with no problem. So we're really looking for any legit FileMaker licenses for versions 7 through 11.  Either Window or Mac - we'll take both.

Outright donations would be awesome. If that's not reasonable for you, we'd be happy to talk about some compensation. FileMaker is popular enough that copies of older versions go for a pretty high price on eBay. If you can give us a discount off the roughly $100 they go for on eBay, we would really appreciate it. 

Please contact dave /at/ swa-gaming.org if you have full retail versions of FileMaker Pro v7 - v11 that you have to donate, sell or barter.

(Please replace the /at/ with the usual @ symbol. We apologize for this necessary anti-spam measure.)

And, while we're talking about Council of Five Nations, please remember the con is less than two weeks away (October 2-4)!
Pre-registration is open for ten more days.  Pre-reg has been very strong for us this year, so we're looking forward to a good con.

Please click for the Council of Five Nations general information page.

Please click to download the Council Pre-Registration packet in PDF format.

Please click to Pre-Register via the online form (with immediate PayPal or Credit Card payment).

We hope to see all of you at Council real soon!