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Clean Eating for Gamers

Greetings SWA Gamers,

My name is Dan Masucci and I am one of the regular Game Masters at Council of Five Nations. I have been an avid role-playing gamer for almost 30 years. Sadly, part of gaming can mean poor eating habits. To battle that, I’m creating a FREE 7-Day Clean-Eating Accountability Group on Facebook for gamers.

People who have joined my accountability groups have lost up to 18 pounds and a felt dramatic increase in energy, almost like they drank a potion of heroism! So join this “campaign” so we can support one another in our quest for healthier living. I’ll be your guide (much like a Dungeon Master). I’ll provide accountability, answers and advice regarding nutrition, as well as motivate you to stick with it. The rest will become legend!

The Free 7-Day Clean Eating Accountability Group for Gamers will begin November 10th. To join, please friend me at facebook.com/danmasucci or message me at danmasucci@gmail.com.

The time to level up is now!

Best wishes,
Dan Masucci
Independent Team BeachBody Coach
E-Mail: danmasucci@gmail.com
Phone: 518.881.8024

Clean Eating - Before and After - Dan Masucci