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New Gaming Venue Opens in Dalton, MA

Introducing 2 Flights Up

There is a brand new venue in Dalton, MA dedicated to dancing and gaming.

The venue is called 2 Flights Up, and it's located at 399 1/2 Main Street in Dalton.

On the gaming side, we'll be hosting game nights every Thursday evening from 6 to 10PM. This will be an open gaming opportunity, where you can play games from our library, or bring your own games to play with others. For these short sessions, we are asking for a free-will donation to help defray the cost of the venue.

We will also be hosting monthly all-day game days (11AM-10PM), and for these days we are setting an entry fee of $5. For that paltry sum, you will get 11 hours of gaming goodness!

We envision these to be broken into 2 scheduled sessions, 11AM-4PM, and 5PM-10PM, (similar to SWA's Game-a-thons) and plan to have scheduled events that people can sign up for. Now Jeannie and I will be hosting games for each of those sessions, but to be really successful, we need some volunteers to be GMs for other games for those days. If you are willing to bring and host a game for 1 of the 2 sessions, you will get entry for the entire day for free.

Right now we have at least 2 of these Game Days scheduled: July 19 and August 16. If you would be willing to host a game on one or both of those days, please let us know, and we'll get you on the schedule.

Whether or not you decide to GM, please come out and enjoy yourself at our Game nights on Thursdays, or the All Day Game Days, or both. And bring some friends along!

See our website 2FlightsUp.com to contact us or for more info about scheduling for gaming and dancing events!

Thomas & Jeannie Compter