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BIG NEWS: SWA Game-a-thons moving to Proctors

The Schenectady Wargamers Association has enjoyed a great relationship with the Studio of Bridge and Games / Price Chopper Community room since 1974.  With the passing of both Bill Shelly (2005) and Norma Shelly (2012), the original founders and proprietors of the Studio, we knew things would change eventually.

It seems that time has finally arrived. 

We received notice from Price Chopper / The Golub Corporation that the Studio will not be available for our events starting in January 2014.  They are putting the building up for sale.

So, next month's Game-a-thon, scheduled for December 14th, will be our last event at 1639 Eastern Parkway.

... but no worries!

We have an agreement already in place for Proctors to start hosting our monthly Game-a-thons. 

What we know now:
  1. Game-a-thon fees ($4 for one session, $6 for both sessions) will not change.
  2. We will be in the basement.
  3. We will have plenty of tables and good chairs.
Watch your email box, and the SWA web site, for more information as things develop.

We want to thank the Golub Corporation for hosting us, along with many other community groups, for thirty-nine years.

This is truly the end of an era.