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ASL Clinic at future Game-a-thons


Advanced Squad Leader CoverLearn the premiere WW-II tactical level simulation, Advanced Squad Leader.

Programmed approach using the ASL Starter Kit system.

ASL Clinic at each SWA Game-a-thon starting in November 2012
  • Play one or both sessions each Game-a-thon.
  • Start with infantry rules, advance to guns and vehicles.
  • Start the series in any Game-a-thon.
  • Take a break, skip a Game-a-thon; it’s ok.  Pick up where you left off.

Bring your tactics, I’ll teach you the rules.  Bring your favorite dice or use mine.  The game system uses two 6-sided dice, one colored and one white.

Where better to start a company level WW-II simulation but Stalingrad 1942!

Stalingrad World War II - Advanced Squad LeaderStalingrad - Advanced Squad Leader

Can you slow the invading Germans long enough for your shock group to counter attack in bloody battle? 
Or, can your flamethrower wielding Germans push back the Russians and capture another block?

Stalingrad - German Heavy Machine GunStalingrad German Flamethrower Advanced Squad Leader

After the first round of gaming, we’ll switch fronts and see how the Germans deal with the flamethrower wielding American’s in Aachen.

Advanced Squad Leader - Aachen

When we’ve finished the clinic you will have explored detailed infantry, guns, and vehicles information and unique tactics from every major and many minor combatants from WW-II.

For more information, please email Brian: aloha_brian /at/ yahoo.com

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