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June 9, 2012 Game-a-thon


The Schenectady Wargamers Association - June 2012 Game-a-thon Summary

Game-a-thon: Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maturity Ratings
Many of us got started in adventure gaming before we were old enough to drive, and we
want Game-a-Thons to welcome families and kids. But we also know that the thematic content
or complexity of some games makes them unsuitable for young players. To allow attendees and
parents to make an informed decision on participation in an event, all events have been
assigned one of the following Maturity Ratings:

  • Child rating is for children age 6 - 9 with adult supervision
  • E10+ rating is for players 10 and up in age
  • Teen rating is for players 14 and up in age
  • Mature rating is for players 18 and up in age.

Morning Session ( 11am - 4pm )

Evening Session ( 5pm - 10pm+ )

Pathfinder Events

For more information, including full event descriptions, click here for the June Game-a-thon page.

We hope to see you there.