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April 2012 Thon Swap Tables


I'm planning on bringing some items for sale at the April Thon. Please feel free to check out my game lisitng at BoardgameGeek.com. Any games that I have listed for trade will potentially be brought and I will discount anything I have listed for saving me the time and trouble of packing and shipping. If you want to make an offer before I post my list here, I'll be happy to entertain it...I'm all about making this easier for me and you!

Bill D
Edited 4/20:

1960: The Making of the President
Carcassonne plus add ons
Conquest of Paradise (with Random Events deck, sleeved)
D&D: Castle Ravenloft
Duel of Ages: Worldspanner (#1)
Freedom in the Galaxy (AH)
Guerilla (AH)
Manifest Destiny
Medieval (GMT)
Outdoor Survival
Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean
Princes of Florence
RAF (West End Games edition)
Republic of Rome (AH)
Runebound (2nd edition) plus add ons
Sid Meier's Civilization (2002 edition)
Struggle for Rome
Tide of Iron
Vanished Planet (with Racial Advantage Expansion card deck)
Wealth of Nations

A little something for the old hex war guys: Luftwaffe, 1776 and Rise and Decline of the Third Reich. I will sell these as a set or individually.

I'll also have some odds and ends including books. I have the entire series of The Enchanted World from Time Life, this I won't bother to bring unless somebody wants to make an offer--too much to load otherwise.

Please feel free to conatct me at (dickerson dot bill at yahoo dot com) for any questions/offers. (Lame attempt at spam proofing)

Bill D

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April 2012 Thon Swap Table

Games I'm bringing to sell at the April Swap:
1313 Dead End Lane
Bag O Loot
Car Wars 5th ed books
Drakon & Expansion 2nd ed
Enchanted Forest
Fairy Meat & Expansion
Jr Labyrinth
Murder City
Pirate King
Quest for the Philosopher's Stone
Ramses Pyramid
Risk: Transformers
Scotland Yard
Tales of Ulysses
Thunder's Edge
Star Wars Minis- mostly commons from various sets

Painted 20mm WW2 figures at the April Swap Meet

We've got some high-class stuff at the upcoming April 21st Game-a-thon Swap Meet.

Chris Tosh will be selling a collection of 20mm WW2 figures.

35 1:72 tanks and AFV's (mostly Dragon diecasts)
80 painted 20mm WW2 american figures
57 painted 20mm WW2 british figures
42 painted 20mm WW2 german figures
Wooden storage/display case


Painted 20mm WW2 Armor  Painted 20mm WW2 Armor

Painted 20mm American WW2 figures Painted 20mm German and British WW2 figures

Painted 20mm WW2 Armor

Purchase price over $1500 - asking $750.

If you're not able to attend the April Thon, but you are still interested, you can contact Chris directly at:
librgeek /at/ aol.com

More stuff for sale at the April 21st Game-a-thon

Dave's Stuff at the April 21st SWA Game-a-thon

Here's what I'm bringing.

I sold a lot of my stuff at the 2011 swap meets, and at the Council of Five Nations discount auction.  So, this list is shorter than before.  But some new things added as well...

Board Games

Samurai (Avalon Hill Classic)
Politics and warfare in Feudal Japan
Punched, used, but excellent condition
BGG Link

Trireme (Avalon Hill Classic)
Naval warfare in the ancient Hellenic world
Unpunched, Mint
BGG Link

Middle Sea: Empires of the Feudal Age
Fantasy Games Unlimited Classic
BGG Link

Conquest of North America
A Diplomacy variant created by one of the "Founding Fathers" of the SWA, Tony LeBoutillier.
Like-New condition, never opened.
BGG Link

Snakes & Ladders
Classic kids game
Small travel size in a tin box, still in shrink wrap

Role Play Games

Skull & Crossbones
Role Play on the Spanish Main
Includes the Pieces of Eight expansion supplement
Written by Gerry Seypura and Tony LeBoutillier, both Founding Fathers of the SWA
Gerry will be at the April Thon to run Elementary Watson - get him to sign it for you!

Citadel of Fire
An old (1978!) classic Judges Guild module for D&D.


Chainmail (3rd Edition)
Old TSR rules for medieval miniatures
Well used, but in pretty good condition

Card Games

Space Station Assault
Your Move Games

Gaming Accessories

Tile Racks
Originally from Scrabble, but excellent to hold chits or cards from many games.
I have several sets of 6 racks available.


Space and Time Magazine, Issue 109 (Winter 2009)
"The magazine of Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction"
Left at the Council Lost-and-Found, never claimed

CDRW Computer CD Burner

1-gallon beverage jug - never used!

Who knows what else?