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January 14, 2012 Game-a-thon, and Swap Meet

We just want to remind everyone that the January 14th Game-a-thon is also one of our quarterly Swap Meet days.

Three times per year, at the January, April and July Game-a-thons, we have a Swap Meet area at Game-a-thon. If you've got merchandise you'd like to sell, please consider renting a table or two.

This is meant to be more of a Swap Meet / Garage Sale atmosphere, and not intended for full merchant setups.

Each attendee can rent a maximum of three tables. The first costs $2, two cost $10, and three cost $20. As you can see, the price structure encourages individuals to rent few tables.

Each table is (2.5' x 2.5'); a standard card table. Some of them are kinda old and thus not very sturdy. Please keep this in mind when planning what you'll bring for sale.  You can always put large or heavy merchandise underneath your table.

You can reserve your table(s) ahead of time by using the online registration form. You will see the prices repeated there. Please also note that you have to pay the Game-a-thon registration in addition to the table rental fee if you play games.

Hope to see you there.

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Stuff for sale at the January 14th Game-a-thon Swap Meet

Here's what I'm bringing.

I sold a lot of my good stuff at the 2011 swap meets, and at the Council of Five Nations discount auction.  So, this list is shorter than before.  But some new things added as well...

Board Games

Samurai (Avalon Hill Classic)
Politics and warfare in Feudal Japan
Punched, used, but excellent condition
BGG Link

Trireme (Avalon Hill Classic)
Naval warfare in the ancient Hellenic world
Unpunched, Mint
BGG Link

Role Play Games

RuneQuest RPG Stuff
Some old 2nd edition stuff, really beat up.

Gaming Accessories

Tile Racks
Originally from Scrabble, but excellent to hold chits or cards from many games.
I have several sets of 6 racks available.

Crown Royal Bags
Great to hold chits, counters or tiles when you need to draw blind.  Better than a bowl or cup.
Also great to hold dice if you've got a huge collection.
I have both the standard purple (less expensive) and black (more rare, and thus more expensive).

A bunch of miscellaneous dice.  Some are used and show some wear.  Others are totally unused.