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Webcomics for Gamers

Jennifer Paperman highly recommend the following two webcomics for gamers, and those that have to put up with them:

#1: DM of the Rings
Basically, the Lord of the Rings is a fantasy campaign carefully and lovingly made up by a too-clever DM, who then foolishly lets his regular gaming group play in that world. He is, of course, reduced o railroading his players into following the plotline. The creator (Shamus Young) uses screen shots from the three Lord of the Rings movies and adds thought bubbles of the gamers and the GM. And adds his commentary at the bottom. This one is complete, and follows the plotline (more or less) of the three movies. As gamers would have played it out.

#2: Darth & Droids
Inspired by DM of the Rings, a group of Australians have taken up the challenge. They have taken a slightly different bent: their GM is creating the campaign based on input from the players. It doesn't turn out any better for him than it did for the DM of the Rings. Again, screen shots from the movies (Star Wars, this time) plus thought bubbles from the gamers and the GM plus commentary on the gaming session, the gamers, gamers in general and the more stupid elements from the movies make for an highly enjoyable read. They have finished movies 1 and 2, and are nearly done with 3. They plan to do all six.