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Community (Helping each other out)

Games for Educators


This is a community service announcement.

I've been receiving the "Games for Educators" email newsletter for awhile now.  It occurs to me that there might be other folks out in the SWA community that might like to see it too.

Each month there are several articles related to... you guessed it: using games for educational purposes.

There is a web page, of course. 
You can click here for the Games for Educators Main Page
You can click here for a collection of the recent Games for Educators Email Newsletters

Feel free to spread the word around to anyone who might find this material interesting.

Electronics Recycling at Best Buy


This is a non-gaming, community service announcement.

I just learned that Best Buy has an excellent, customer-friendly and environment-friendly electronics recycling program.  We'd like to spread the good news so everyone can take advantage of it and help keep potentially recyclable stuff out of landfills.

You can get the full information on the Best Buy web site here (please click link):
Electronics Recycling at Best Buy

Here are some highlights:
  • Max 3 items per day per household
  • Many items taken for free
  • $10 charge for TVs and monitors (up to 32"), but you also get a $10 Best Buy gift card (sneaky marketing on their part...)
  • No hard drives.  Computers OK, but remove the hard drive first
  • No refrigerants
  • TVs/Monitors larger than 32", and large appliances, are covered by a different program (links to info on the web page).

Again, full info is on the Best Buy electronics recycling page.

We encourage the the whole gaming community to take advantage of this program, and other similar recycling programs.  Help get valuable materials back into the resource stream, and out of landfills.

Game trading on the SWA Web Site


There was a lot of interest in the Swap Meet at last weekend's Game-a-thon.  Six different people brought stuff to sell or trade, which might be a record for us.

A few of us got talking about how it's often more of a "win-win" to trade games than to sell them for cash.  So we want to try to facilitate more of that on the SWA web site.

We've set up a new section on the Forums just for game trading.  You can see it here:

Two guys have already posted lists of what they've got to trade, and what they're looking for in return.

We encourage you to post your own list and use the SWA forums as a community resource.
(You'll need to create an account on the web site if you haven't done so already.  This takes less than three minutes.)

We hope to see you at future SWA events.  Don't forget, Council of Five Nations XXXIII is coming pretty soon (October 8-10, 2010).

Charity Book Auction


During the winter, the family of Larry Conley donated his collection of 197 hardback SF/Fantasy books to the SWA. We're not really interested in running a lending library for club members, so we've decided to auction off the books.

The proceeds of this auction will go to benefit the folks for whom war is not a game, but a reality - U.S. SOLDIERS! Everything we get from this auction will be passed along as a donation to the USO, to help them in their mission of supporting and helping our troops and their families.

Please click here to go to the web page we've set up to facilitate this silent auction.  You will find rules, prices, the list of 197 books, and a web form to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

The deadline for bidding is July 4th.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Survey on Board Gaming to help with a Master's Thesis


Due to an overwhelmingly positive response (see the comment below), the survey is closed. We maxed out the number of responses it can handle. Thank you to all who helped!

= = =
Ralph Mabb is looking to the SWA community for some survey data for his Master's Thesis.  Please keep reading if you'd like to give less than 10 minutes of your time.

= = =

Hello fellow SWA gaming enthusiasts!

I am currently pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design through one of the Art Institutes.

I currently am in the thesis phase of my academic career and this is the culmination of almost three years of hard work.  My thesis is titled Graphic design and the board game industry: Form vs. function to gamer satisfaction.  Its a study the impact graphic design & aesthetics have on board games and the board game industry in general.  I am almost done but at this point I wanted to get some good feedback from some fellow gamers that I can use as reference material.

So I have designed a survey that should only take a few minutes of your time, its ten questions and completely anonymous.  The questions center around board games, aesthetics and information management within board games. Most questions are general in nature and are multiple choice. It should only take about ten minutes and I am looking to get as many responses as possible in a weeks time.

So If you don’t mind please take the few minutes of your valuable time and fill out my online survey available here:

http://www.surveymonkey.com - SURVEY CLOSED

By June 1st, 2009 if at all possible.

And thanks again
Ralph Mabb

SWA Web Links Update


Our hardworking Web Promotion guy, Dave Cuatt, has been diligently adding
new items to the Web Links section of our SWA homepage over the last year.
Take a look and you'll probably find something that will interest you.

All of the websites featured in Game
Convention Calendars
are helping us promote our own Council of Five Nations,
and they are also a great way for you to find out about gaming (and other)
conventions all over the world. This section will continue to grow as we
approach Council, so check back often and you'll never have to miss any convention

If you know of a web site that the SWA community would like to see, please
click on Add
on the Web Links page and submit it to us. If your link doesn't
fit well in any of the categories up there now, please let us know and we'll
create a new one.

The SWA web site is here to serve all of us, and it's meant to be a collaborative
project. The more we all pitch in, the better it will be.

Please click
to go to the Web Links page of the SWA web site now.

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