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Things I want to play

I have a growing list of games I want to play.

D&D 3.5/Living Greyhawk- Damn it. With 4th Edition they're ending the campagin and I want to get as much play time in as possible before it closes. I want to have my druid/abolisher and my paladin/hellreaver before it's done.
D&D 4.0/Living Forgotten Realms- Ok, I do want to see what they do with this. And see if I can help beat up anyone trying to play Drizzt-like characters because players need to have a *little* originality. Although two-sword ranger wood-elves make sense.

Zombie Planet last Friday

Thought I'd mention that there was a good amount of gaming going on at ZP last Friday night. Mostly Magic, but a few board games too.

I played Combat Commander: Europe and Twilight Struggle with Josh Campbell.

gamer in 30's looking for a play in game athons

Hello gamers and fellow rpg enthusiasts Im a gamer new to the schenectady area and want to know what types of games people like out there? I havw a few ideas and will submit a few for Oct council and hope for the best. I like indeapt roleplay rpgs ,the rpga, and the occasional crazy high level game-tournement. You name the system I either played or ran it. I have exp with 1st sec and 3.5 editions of Dnd and this is what we hope to search for in other players delights.

Back from the WBC!

Last week I went to the World Boardgaming Championships along with a couple of other SWAers. It was great!

I played 12 different games a total of 21 times (some more than once). Could have played many more, but most of the games I picked were long ones.

I played:
Pax Romana
Twilight Struggle
Combat Commander
Here I Stand
Sword of Rome
Titan (5 games)
1960: The Making if the President
El Grande
Ace of Aces
Memoir 44.

An Introduction

Hello Everyone.

My name is Millie and I'm a gamer. (Hi Millie!) I'm even female and have been gaming for over a decade (but more about that in a future blog post).

These days, I'm primarily playing D&D 3.5 via the RPGA/Living Greyhawk Campaign. I both GM and play scenarios (aka "modules" aka "mods"). I'm also getting my notes together to start writing mods as well.

I'm also in an Ars Magica campagin that's on break.

My first game of Memior 44 (A Recent Session Report/Review I submitted at BGG.com)

Memoir 44: Operation Cobra (the luck of the draw)
My first game of Memoir 44

My friend and I needed something quick to play before the rest of the group arrived; we thought Memoir 44 would be the perfect choice. We used my friends set, (mine still remains partially unpunched and broken in) and he is the one who was teaching me how to play. I had a rudimentary understanding of the game, having read the rulebook. Still my friend had 5-6 plays under his belt compared to my zero plays.

New Cinema In Downtown Schenectady

Slightly off-topic for this site, but still worth mentioning. In the same block as Proctors, future sight of Council, at the corner of State and Broadway, is Bow-Tie Cinema's: Movieland 6.

The seats are decent (half-floor, half stadium). The popcorn has real butter. There are no commercials before the movie (just a couple of trailers).

For anyone who is sick of Regal's monopoly on main-stream movies in the Capital District, you should check them out. You can find their showtimes and tickets here:


Friday @ Zombie Planet (5/11/2007)

Went to Zombie Planet this evening to game. Played Lunar Rails with Alex Jurkat and Bernie Trombley.

We were joined in the upstairs gaming area by approx. twelve Magic: The Gathering players.

Downstairs, there was a miniatures battle with some card based combat system that George, the owner, was playing. The game appeared to be fantasy skirmish, but I didn't get a close enough look to be sure.

May Game-a-thon Thoughts

I was there for both slots of the May Game-a-thon and found it to be very well attended. The afternoon featured several games, but was dominated by the rising interest in Heroscape. Eric had *three* tables of players.

I, on the other hand, ran Carcassonne and had two players. I bought the game a few years ago but never took it out of the shrink-wrap until committing to put it on the schedule. I wish I opened it years ago when people were still keen to play it. I like the game a lot. It plays at about the same level as Settlers of Catan, but is very different in play.

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