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Greetings and Goals

My wife found the news article in the Gazette about the Council of Five Nations convention this past weekend. I had heard of it, and the SWA, back in the early 80s so I thought I would check out the website. Sounds like the SWA has been going strong since its origins in the 70s.

I been into gaming since high school in the early 80s. At that time it was mostly D & D. That carried on into my service in the Marine Corps, where it expanded to a small variety of role-playing, board, and miniature games of the fantasy, science fiction, and historical variety.

My Trip to Games Day Baltimore 2008 (Games Workshop's Mecca of all that is gaming)

The wife and I decided to take a trip to Baltimore in June of this year for a multitude of reasons; we were celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and wanted to hang out in a cool city. Months prior however knowing of this trip I had asked her if she wanted to attend Games Day with me. I have always wanted to go to Games Day since I have been playing Warhammer 40K since 1989, so I figured now would be a great opportunity.

Ever thought of using a painting service for any kind of miniatures? If so you should read this! Review of Brand X Painting

I first off want to say that many of the painting services that I have used
and advertise on the net are all very good, professional and excellent
painters that do a great job. I have worked with many of them and would
continue to do so in the future, had I not used Brand X Painting.

But having recently sent a trial job to Brand X Painting I didn’t quite know
what to expect. I knew that some of them used to work at another painting
studio so they were familiar with me. I also knew that I would get decent
quality for a decent price, that much is apparent on the website and in

Looking for Swords & Sorcery Gamers

I run a gritty, Swords & Sorcery campaign utilizing 3/5/d20/AD&D rules...it's a detailed world where there's enough to sink your proverbial teeth into around every corner...I'm looking for a few gamers to join the existent group they're currently dungeoning...below is a summary of the location that the group finds itself in at the moment...any Conan gamers are more than welcome since the setting is Hyborea...please feel free to Email me directly @ synakkah@nycap.rr.com or by contributing to this Blog...DJW

Why the Well of Skelos?

Relative Size of Space Ships

If you've ever wondered how big the various star ships from your favorite Science Fiction movies and TV shows are, relative to each other, than this web site is for you. It's awesome!


Be sure to click the various tabs across the top (10x, 1000x, etc) for different ships at different scales.

Improving our Electoral System

I'm not much of a blogger, but I read an article today that I think deserves some attention. It talks about the (many!) flaws of our current electoral system, and highlights some possible improvements. There are even citation links for those of you who want to read more.

What I found most amusing was the teaser:
"The best way to make American elections fair, according to a new book, is to use a voting method known for ranking drunk sorority girls (Hot or Not)."

Hey Chris Buono, I'm an old gaming friend (from Ren's Saturday Campaign circa 1985)...

Hey Chris,

I'm an old gaming friend (from Ren's Saturday Campaign circa 1985)...I'm also technically your ex-step brother (but please don't hold my Dad's flaws against me)

It's me, "little" Tim, back in '85 you brought me along to the Studio for my introduction to 1st Ed. AD&D Group RPGaming.

I always thought of you as a great "big bro", and I was hoping to make contact again.

Thoughts On Euro-Gaming

There has been a rise in recent years of so-called Euro Games that have some defining characteristics:

- They're short to play -- usually less than two hours.
- No one is eliminated from the game.
- Play tends to be friendlier. While there is competition for resources, there is usually very little direct conflict between players.

Some examples include: Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and Puerto Rico.

MEPACON Fall 2007 After Action Report

MEPACON Fall 2007 After Action Report
Friday November 2 - Sunday November 4, 2007
Holiday Inn
Dunmore, PA

Council of Five Nations XXX After Action Report

Council of Five Nations XXX After Action Report
Council of Five Nations
Friday October 5 - Sunday October 7, 2007
Proctor's Theater and Conference Center
Schenectady, NY

This was my first ever Council, and I was looking forward to it. Really, the only problems that I had was that I didn't get a chance to see much beyond the basement and the Muddy Cup.

Such is the life of an RPGA judge where there's a full track of RPGA/Living Greyhawk events.

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