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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I just saw the original 1954 version of this movie on Turner Classic Movies (TCM).

Even though the special effects can't hold a candle to what Hollywood does today, I gotta say, this movie has lost nothing over the years. For me at least, it holds all the wonder that it did when I originally saw it almost forty years ago.

Be sure to check it out if you haven't done so.

Stop Wasting Money

Warren Redlich is one of members of the Board of Directors of the SWA.  A few of you might also know that he's a declared candidate in this year's election for Governor of New York.

He recently gave a speech at a political rally.  Warren talks about the main theme of his campaign - Stop Wasting Money.  For those of you interested (it's pretty amusing), here's a YouTube link:


If you're even more interested, here is the link for the Warren Redlich for Governor campaign web site:



Historians Reassess Battle of Agincourt

From the New York Times, Saturday, Oct 24th, 2009

Historians Reassess Battle of Agincourt
Some historians are doubting the Battle of Agincourt's status as perhaps the greatest military victory against overwhelming odds, while also drawing some modern comparisons.

Two settle lawsuits over Dungeons & Dragons handbook

From Salon.com, and news wire stories:

Oct 16th, 2009 | SEATTLE -- Two of eight people accused in lawsuits of illegally distributing Dungeons & Dragons handbooks over the Internet have settled, and the maker of the pioneering role-playing game is seeking a default judgment against a third.

Full story:


Flagship ... the Independent Magazine for Gamers

The owner of Madhouse UK, Steve Tierney, recently shared the news that Flagship, a UK based gaming magazine, recently decided to make the magazine free to download to the online community. His recent post on his our Yahoo Group read:


For many, many years Flagship magazine has been the heart and soul of the turn-based games hobby.

In recent times, with the decline in the number of commercial companies out there, they've spread their focus to other sorts of interactive game, while retaining significant turn-based coverage.

It really is an awesome and timeless magazine.

August Game-a-thon

I want to thank Ben Bunday for the introduction to Twilight Imperium. I really enjoyed the game. Hopefully, If I play again I can think about my strategy and be a bit more agressive at the right time.

Of course, hopefully next time we shall get a few more Titan players since I was supposed to be GMing Titan. I can certainly understand with it being summer time and the usual suspects having other plans.

Movie Warning!


There is a movie called _In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale_.

This is a bad, bad movie. I guess it is based on a computer game?

It is worse than something a bunch of unskilled gamer dudes would make with their home video camera and a copy of iMovie on a slow Mac. The special effects are only sub-mediocre, but the script is embarrassingly bad.

Strangely, there are a lot of "big" name stars in it.
Jason Stathan is the hero.
Claire Forlani is his wife.
Burt Reynolds is the King.
... and more.

March Game-a-thon

I just want to say thank you for another great gaming experience.

Thanks to Dave for bringing 4th edition Talisman. Having played 1st & 2nd edition since the 80s, it looks like they did a good job updating the game. The few rules changes were nice additions. I hope they consider updating all the old Talisman expansions to the game.

Thanks to Mike for teaching Dominion between the Afternoon and Evening sessions. It certainly proved helpful after Mike and I eliminated each other in Titan.

February Game-a-thon

I want to thank Ralph, Nick, Mike, and Bill for a fun game of Titan. It is always a great to learn more about a game from veteran players. Of course, you never know how the dice are going to roll. I hope everyone had a good time.

I certainly appreciate Nick and Mike helping introduce the game to some new players. I hope at the next Game-a-thon we can get a few more games going simultaneously.

Ral Partha and other figures

Ciao Y'all,

Hello from sunny South Carolina. I left Schenectady in 1989....any old timers that are still around will know me as Tony LeBoutillier.

I have a number of gaming miniatures, some unpainted and others meticulously painted, they are all over twenty years old and I suspect most are hard to find. As I'm no longer actively gaming I have no need for them.

I can be contacted at tlc2go@juno.com just put SWA in the subject line to be sure I don't trash your missive!

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