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SWA makes the Front Page!


... and not in a bad way, either!

A reporter from one of our local papers, the Daily Gazette (www.DailyGazette.com), visited one of our recent Saturday Game-a-thons and interviewed us for this article.  The byline is "Board games win out in recession: Club offeres opportunities for inexpensive fun".

The article ran this past Monday, September 28th.  Not only did we have a big color photo on the front page, but the timing is excellent to help promote Council of Five Nations next weekend. 

You can see the article online on the Gazette's web site (for $2.00).

Hope to see you all at Council.  Two days left to pre-register and save some money!

The Victorian Military Society


The Victorian Military Society is an educational charity which promotes the study of military history – of all nations and races – in the period 1837 to 1914. Its journal "Soldiers of the Queen" publishes work by both professional and amateur historians.

The Society has recently re-launched its web site and for the first time is able to make part of its archives available to non-members on-line. These articles from "Soldiers of the Queen" provide an exciting source of material for war gamers and others interested in the period.


Heroscape Tournament, Sept 27 at Zombie Planet


The North East Scapers Association (NESA) is holding a Heroscape Tournament on Saturday, SEPTEMBER 27th At Zombie Planet

This will be a "themed" event. Your army of 600 points must have an underlining theme throughout. More about the themes will be posted as the event draws closer.

Start Time 12 PM **Upstairs**
600 Points
No Glyphs
24 Hexes
4-5 Rounds depending on the number of players that show up.

Entry Fee:
5$ (Store Fee) but we will have equal amount in StoreCredit/GiftCertificate for prizes. So if 20 show up, 100 dollars in Gift Certificates.
Prize for the Prize Table.

Themes - Below are some examples of themes. Just because it is not on the list, does not mean it is not acceptable.
Generals(Vydar, Utgar etc...)
Unit Type(Soldier/Knight etc...)
All Heroes or Squad Members
All Large or Small figures
All Elves/Humans etc...
All Ranged Units
All Melee Units
All Flyers

LIMIT 32 Players.

Please Pre-Register at the Eden Studios Discussion Boards

New gaming store in Glens Falls, NY


We're happy to help spread the word about Cooper's Cave Games & Paintball, a brand new store in Glens Falls, NY.

Cooper's Cave Games & Paintball LLC has the largest selections of games, sportscards, and paintball supplies in Upstate New York. We also have a large selection of used DVD's and video games.  Magic Tournaments are held on Fridays at 5PM and Saturdays at 1PM.  Feel free to come in anytime and use our dedicated gaming tables.  We'll stay open late to accomadate leagues and gaming groups as they form.  All gamers welcome!! 

We are located at:
18A Saratoga Ave
South Glens Falls, NY

M-Th 12-6PM
Fri-Sat 11AM-7PM


"operated by gamers, for gamers"

Photo Album up-and-running on the SWA Web Site


You've been asking for it for years, and we've finally got it implemented!

Jarrod, the SWA's designated Photo Czar, has started posting pictures on the web site.  So far, he has Council of Five Nations pictures dating back to 2001.  If anyone has any other pictures they would like posted on the site, please feel free to get them to Jarrod or any other SWA czar so that they can be given to Jarrod. 

Jarrod asks that the photos to be saved in digital format onto a CD-ROM or DVD+R disk.  He is also asking that fellow gamers feel free to take pictures at monthly Game-a-thons or other SWA events to be posted on the site.  These photos will convey what the SWA has to offer to the gaming community and hopefully will increase attendance at both the Game-a-thons and Council of Five Nations.

You can see the current photo offerings here:

Or, click the "Photos" link on any page of the SWA web site.  It's located in the horizontal menu in the darker-shaded bar below the title and ad banners.

Close Action (Age of Sail) on Saturday, May 3rd


Close Action is an Age of Sail miniatures game, and has been one of our most popular events at Council of Five Nations for years now.

Dan Bostwick will be coming to Schenectady to run a large game for us on Saturday, May 3rd.  This is open to veteran and beginner players alike.

Please check out Dan's invitation below.  Contact him directly if you'd like to reserve a spot for yourself.

- - -

Fellow Captains and Admirals,

On Saturday May 3, I will be running a Close Action fleet game in Schenectady, NY, at the Studio of Bridge and Games <http://www.swa-gaming.org/node/45> , a facility kindly provided by Schenectady Wargamers Association.  The scenario we play will be based on the number of people that commit, with total seating limited to fourteen players. 

Please plan on arriving a little before 1000.  A rules refresher will begin at 1000, with command conferences starting about 1015 or so.  The game will end by 1900 at the latest. 

Send me email at wazdakka@twcny.rr.com to reserve your seat.  Please also give me indication of your experience level with the game, and preference (or tolerance) for a command rank position.  Something like "Yes I'll be there, and I would just love to be fleet admiral, please, oh please, oh please" would be fine. 

Firm commitments regarding attendance are required by 04/19, in order to give me time to setup a scenario, pick the Admirals, assign ships, and email the scenario information out.  Admirals can expect to have one week to plan, and will be given 20 minutes for command conference on game day.

Dan Bostwick

- - -

You can read more about Close Action at the Clash of Arms web site.
Link:  www.clashofarms.com/close-act.html

You can read even more about Close Action on Board Game Geek.
Link:  www.boardgamegeek.com/game/3553

Dan Bostwick has created a software package to custom print the ship log sheets.  This greatly speeds prep and play time.  If you like Close Action, you'll love this software.
Link:  www.thenavalregister.com/

In Memoriam: Gary Gygax


Gary Gygax died this past Tuesday. As one of the co-creators of the original Dungeons & Dragons in 1974, Gygax is indesputably one of the founding fathers of the entire Role Play Game hobby. Here are some top story links:

New York Times:  Link
Associated Press:  Link
Gamespy:  Link
Salon:  Link
Ars Technica:  Link
CNet News:  Link
Wired News:  Link

SWA is recruiting new Officers


As we bask in the warm afterglow of Council of Five Nations XXX, it's time to turn our focus to the future.

We currently have a team of eleven guys who bring you the monthly SWA events. While these guys are doing a great job, we're always looking to recruit new blood.

We've got a page on the SWA web site that outlines all the different offices we're looking to fill.  Please check it out here:

If you're interested in any of the positions listed, please email us at admin@swa-gaming.org and let us know. Even if it's one that's not currently listed as "Open", that's OK. If you're willing to volunteer, we'll find a way to work you in to the group.

What's the commitment?
  • Most of us only put in an hour or two per month. It's a commitment very easy to work into your other gaming activities.
  • Receive emails via our private SWA Planning email list. Share your opinions. Help us make decisions.
  • Attend a few meetings a year, if you can. Share your opinions. Help us make decisions.
  • Volunteer onsite at Council of Five Nations each year.
If you have specific questions, please email us at admin@swa-gaming.org, or call Dave at (518) 464-1977.


The SWA Leadership Team
of the Schenectady Wargamers Association, Inc.

The Naval Register: Support Software for Close Action


Many of you have seen Daniel Bostwick running Close Action games at Council of Five Nations for years. He has now developed some custom software to greatly streamline game play. We're happy to help get the word out.

Announcing the release of the first commercially available computer support product for Close Action
"The Naval Register: Support Software for Close Action"
The Naval Register is PC-based software that makes it easy to play Close Action whenever you want  to.  Simply select the scenario that you want to play, and print all of the required ship logs with the click of a button.  Gunnery numbers, turn modes, victory points per section, and more are all calculated and filled in automatically.  From small, two ship duels, to massive fleet battles, you will be ready to play with almost no effort.
  • Print ship logs in two different styles, each of which can be customized to suit your tastes.
  • Print a "GM Summary Sheet" to assist in setting up and running large games
  • Compose After Action Reports to document your battles
  • View ship data by rate, by nationality, by scenario, or even view a chronological history of a particular ship by name
  • Design your own scenarios
  • Registered owners can stay current with official scenario updates
  • Includes a bonus scenario from the unreleased expansion "Years of Victory: the Age of Nelson, 1803-1805"
  • More features are highlighted on the website.  Download the complete user manual to see application screen shots.
Never create another ship log by hand... give your Close Action games the support they need!

For more information, or to purchase your copy...

Email - the_naval_register@twcny.rr.com

Web - www.thenavalregister.com

I will be running a Close Action event at the Origins convention on Friday at 0900, and I will have copies of the software with me.

"The Naval Register: Support Software for Close Action" is an officially licensed product.

''The Story of Three Water Drops'' at the Schenectady Museum


This is a non-gaming, community-oriented message.

I'd like to let you know about a new exhibit at the Schenectady Museum: "The Story of Three Water Drops".

The grand opening is this Saturday, February 10th. The exhibit will run until April 15th.

The "three water drops" in the title refer to Acid Rain, Snowflakes and Sea Water. This was the focus of the research of Roger Cheng, whose career work is being highlighted at the exhibit. Roger Cheng also happens to be the Official Father of David Cheng, President of the SWA.

The exhibit is a great way for both adults and kids to learn more about cool stuff like acid rain and snowflakes.

Please consider this if you're looking for an interesting daytime event.

The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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