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Council info via Carnage Podcast


I had the good fortune to chat with Tyler Dion for a Carnagecast podcast this past weekend. 

We spoke all about the good stuff we've got lined up for Council of Five Nations this year (of course).

If you'd like to check it out, you can find it here:

The interview runs about 26 minutes.  You can listen to it right from the web site, or you can download the file for listening at your leisure.

You can even download straight into your player from iTunes:

If you're really into podcasts and news about the Schenectady Wargamers Association, you can listen to an older Carnagecast we did (at Carnage!) last November.  Link:

We hope to see many of you at Council, just a bit over two weeks away at this point. 

Don't forget, you get a pretty nice discount if you pre-register by October 3rd.  Full-time students get a discount.  Groups of three or more who register together with one payment get a discount.  And all these discounts stack!

All the info you need is here:  http://www.swa-gaming.org/Council

Many thanks to Tyler for providing this great community service and helping us get the word out!

In Memoriam: Norma Shelly


The Schenectady Wargamers Association is very sorry to announce that we've lost one of our Founding Mothers.Norma M Shelly

Norma Shelly and her husband Bill established the Studio of Bridge and Games over thirty-five years ago.  She continued to run the Studio even after Bill passed away in 2005.

There will be a memorial and funeral service for Norma this Thursday, September 13th,
from 4:00 - 7:00 PM,
at the New Comer-Cannon Funeral Home,
located at 343 New Karner Road, Colonie, NY.

The complete obituary appears below, and also on the New Comer web site.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Schenectady Wargamers Association would not exist today if it were not for Norma & Bill.  All who remember Norma and wish to honor her contribution to the gaming community of the Capital District are welcome to attend. 

= = = = = = =

SCHENECTADY – Norma M. Shelly, 77, passed away on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at Ellis Hospital.

Norma was born on July 24, 1935 in Albany and was the daughter of the late Brunhilde A. (Schaefer) Fitzgibbons and Clarence A. Stoss. She owned and operated Studio of Bridge and Games in Schenectady which specialized in bridge, chess and fantasy games, for the past 38 years.

Norma always wanted to provide a stimulating social environment that was open to anyone who was willing to try. She liked to bring people together with common interest. She was loving, caring and willing to help anyone. She was an animal lover, especially dogs, where she was on the committee for the Central Park Dog Park in Schenectady. Norma’s hobbies included gardening, fine foods, Proctors, reading and traveling.

Family was most important to her. Norma is survived by her loving sons, Charles H. Miller III and Steven Miller; her step-daughter, Dorothy Shelly; her cherished grandchildren, Justin, Sara and Kacey Miller and Renee Santoro and eight cherished great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, William G. Shelly.

Funeral services will be held at 7:00 p.m. Thursday at New Comer Cannon Funeral Home, 343 New Karner Road, Colonie. Calling hours will precede the service from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Memorial contributions may be made to Schenectady County’s Animal Protective Foundation, 53 Maple Ave, Scotia, NY 12302 in memory of Norma M. Shelly.

Adventure Role Playing Camp in Albany: July 9-13


Hello parents of young gamers in the Capital District,

Dan Masucci, long-time SWA supporter, is sponsoring a week-long summer RPG "camp" experience this coming July.

Please see the graphic below for full details.

You can contact Dan for questions or registration at danmasucci /at/ nycap.rr.com

Adventure Gaming Camp in Albany NY

The SWA is recruiting new leadership - We Want You!


Hello Capital District Gamers,

We currently have a great team of folks who work to bring you SWA events. While we're doing well, we're always looking to recruit new blood.

What's the commitment?
  • Most of us only put in an hour or so per month. Often less.  It's a commitment very easy to work into your other gaming activities.
  • Receive emails via our private SWA Planning email list. Share your opinions. Help us make decisions.
  • Attend a few meetings a year, if you can. Share your opinions. Help us make decisions.
  • Volunteer onsite at Council of Five Nations each year.

Here is a list of the offices we'd love to fill:
  • Web Promotion Czar
  • SWA Web Programming Czar
  • The Iron Right Hand of the Benevolent Dictator (Yes, that really is the job title)
  • Local Retailer Czar
  • Internet Mailing List Czar
  • Marketing Communications Czar
  • Prize Support Czar
  • Gaming Club Czar
  • Convention Czar
  • Public Relations Czar
  • Promotional Flyer Czar
  • Regional Retailer Czar
  • Magazine Convention Listing Czar
  • School Gaming Club Czar
  • Internet News Group Czar

There are several offices with incumbents who might like to do a different job, or could share the responsibility:
  • Council of Five Nations Czars
  • Proctors & Schenectady Czar
  • Historical Miniatues Czar
  • Game-a-thon Czars
  • Miniatures Czar
  • Web Site Photo Czar

We've got a page on the SWA web site that outlines all the different offices we're looking to fill.  Please check it out here:

If you're interested in any of the positions listed, or if you have questions, please email us at admin /at/ swa-gaming.org and let us know.  Or, talk to one of us at one of the upcoming Game-a-thons.

Even if the office is one that's not currently listed as "Open", that's OK. If you're willing to volunteer, we'll find a way to work you in to the group.


The SWA Leadership Team
of the Schenectady Wargamers Association, Inc.

Steven Bachman, David Cheng, Bill Dickerson, John Fitzpatrick, Matt Gallinger, Stephen Kent, Rob Kirker, Nick Klercker, Ben Maggi, Brett McLean, Eric Paperman, John Rigley, Michael Rogozinski, Vince Romeo, Karen Seiz & Evan Whitefield.

Battleship Potemkin at Proctors, Sept 25 & 26


We'd like to make sure the Capital District's Adventure Gaming community knows about the opportunity to see this classic movie at Proctors.

- - -

Battleship Potemkin
with LIVE Organ

September 25-26
The Mainstage at Proctors

Odessa, 1905. Enraged with the deplorable conditions on board the armored cruiser Potemkin, the ship's loyal crew contemplates the unthinkable: mutiny.

Seizing control of the Potemkin and raising the red flag of revolution, the sailors' revolt becomes the rallying point for a Russian populace ground under the boot heels of the Czar's Cossacks. When ruthless White Russian cavalry arrive to crush the rebellion on the sandstone Odessa Steps, the most famous and quoted film sequence in cinema history is born.

For eight decades, Sergei Eisenstein's 1925 masterpiece has remained one of the most influential silent films of all time -- yet each successive generation has seen Battleship Potemkin subjected to censorship and recutting, its unforgettable power diluted in unauthorized public domain editions from dubious sources.

This all-new restoration -- available for the first time in 35mm -- restores dozens of missing shots and all 146 original title cards, returning the film to a form as close to its creator's bold vision as has been seen since the film's triumphant Moscow premiere.

This 1925 silent film will be accompanied by "Goldie" the Wurlitzer Organ, played by Avery Tunningley.

A silent comedy short will proceed the feature.

Running Time:  69 Minutes

Not Rated

Ticket Prices: $10 advance, $12 at the door, $2 off for students and senior citizens

Web link for full info and online ticket purchase:  http://www.proctors.org/events/battleship-potemkin

Battleship Potemkin Poster

Grimfoe Game Day (and Free RPG Day) June 18


Stop by Grimfoe Games from noon to midnight on the 3rd Saturday of every month to take part in Grimfoe's Game Day.
For address, phone number, and map: http://www.grimfoegames.com/contact.html

The scheduled events for June 18 include:

Shadows over Camelot starting Noon ish until 2 ish
Mystery Express 2pm-4pm
Ticket to Ride 3pm-5pm
Puerto Rico 4pm-6pm
Civilisation 5pm-8pm
7 Wonders/Race for the Galaxy 6pm-8pm
The Resistance After 8pm

Free RPG Day - Come pick up free RPG swag while you get your game on!

WoWTCG FREE constructed tournament 6pm

Game Designer seeking Artwork


Dan Boggs, SWA member and author of the well recieved retro tribute role playing game Dragons at Dawn
is looking for art submissions for the soon to be released Dragons at Dawn Supplement I.

Here's your chance to have your art featured in a well known RPG product that sells worldwide! Any sword and sorcery style black and white drawings will be welcome. Anyone who's submissions are used in the final product will recieve a free print copy of both the Supplement and the original Dragons at Dawn rulebook. Interested persons should contact Dan directly at Boggswood /at/ gmail.com

Webcomics for Gamers


Jennifer Paperman highly recommend the following two webcomics for gamers, and those that have to put up with them:

#1: DM of the Rings
Basically, the Lord of the Rings is a fantasy campaign carefully and lovingly made up by a too-clever DM, who then foolishly lets his regular gaming group play in that world. He is, of course, reduced o railroading his players into following the plotline. The creator (Shamus Young) uses screen shots from the three Lord of the Rings movies and adds thought bubbles of the gamers and the GM. And adds his commentary at the bottom. This one is complete, and follows the plotline (more or less) of the three movies. As gamers would have played it out.

#2: Darth & Droids
Inspired by DM of the Rings, a group of Australians have taken up the challenge. They have taken a slightly different bent: their GM is creating the campaign based on input from the players. It doesn't turn out any better for him than it did for the DM of the Rings. Again, screen shots from the movies (Star Wars, this time) plus thought bubbles from the gamers and the GM plus commentary on the gaming session, the gamers, gamers in general and the more stupid elements from the movies make for an highly enjoyable read. They have finished movies 1 and 2, and are nearly done with 3. They plan to do all six.

Pre-Global Game Jam Mixer: Jan 25th


Albany NY Area Game Developers,

In preparation for the Global Game Jam - the Albany NY IGDA chapter will be hosting a Pre-Global Game Jam Mixer at Crowne Plaza in downtown Albany on Tuesday, January 25th 6-9PM. This free event is a great opportunity for people who are planning to participate in the 2011 Global Game Jam (pre-register for the GGJ at the Albany GGJ Registration Page by Jan 23 for a $10 discount). We'll demo some games from previous years as well as give a rundown of some of the software available.

* Play Games: See and try out some of the best games created at the Global Game Jam and other nearby local Game Jam events. Team members that created them will be their to answer questions.

* Socialize with Jammers: Connect with other participants that will be at the Game Jam this year. Everyone forms teams on the first day of the Global Game Jam so getting to know the your fellow jammers ahead of time will help with this phase.

* Install Fest!: Install game development software like Unity, Unreal Developer Kit and Game Maker that can be used during the GGJ. Get tutorials so you can prepare for the Game Jam in the week before it. We will have people at the meeting who can help answer questions about some of these programs. Bring USB keys/external hard drives/laptops or just something to write down web links!

* Learn: Ask Questions and Learn about the Global Game Jam from the event organizers.

* Have a Drink: Food & Drink can be ordered at the bar from Kelsey's Restaurant across the lobby from the meeting room.

When: Tuesday, January 25th 6-9 PM

Where: Crowne Plaza
40 Lodge Street
Albany, NY

Global Game Jam: Albany, Jan 28-30


Come one, come all for board and computer game creation.

University at Albany's College of Computing and Information is hosting the 3rd annual Global Game Jam, Albany site! January 28, 4 pm – January 30, 5 pm, Campus Center 375

The Global Game Jam is a networked worldwide event where new computer and board games are created by enthusiasts, gamers, artists, designers, developers and anyone else who wants to learn something—beginners, students, amateurs, and professionals.

First, a surprise theme is announced (each time zone has different parameters). The participants then form themselves into ad hoc teams that each create a theme-related game, on-site in the next 48 hours.

If you haven’t experienced a game jam, it’s an awesome event and you do NOT need to be an expert programmer or gamer to participate!

If you just want to get a taste of some real-world programming, designing, planning, art and music practices (even if you’re not that into games), this is a fun weekend event on the UAlbany campus you don’t want to miss! If you just want to observe for a short time, Friday evening (orientation) and Sunday afternoon (completed project presentations) are the best times.

You can register now at http://globalgamejam.org/user/register. When you register, it will ask which site you want to be affliated with--> pick albany. FYI, your registration fee will cover most of the meals for the weekend.

Early Bird Registration (Before Jan 24) : $5.00
Online Registration (Between Jan 24 and Jan 27th) : $10.00
Walk-ins (After Jan 27th) : $15.00


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