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Atmospheric Science

My father, Roger J. Cheng, is a retired Atmospheric Science researcher. He spent almost all of his career at ASRC, the Atmospheric Science Research Center, affiliated with SUNY-Albany.

He has put a lot of work into cataloging the highlights of his atmospheric science research and his career on a web site.

http://www.rogerjcheng.com - The Micro-World in the Atmosphere

Feel free to check it out.
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More on Atmospheric Science

It seems that my father's site is blocked in China, probably because he mentions other people on his site that for whatever reason the Chinese government does not want their citizens to read about. So, in an effort to allow his work to be seen by Chinese atmospheric scientists, he has created a separate site with the potentially-sensitive material removed.

You can see it here:

http://www.rogercheng.com - The Micro-World in the Thunderstorm