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The Northeast TITAN League and Championship 2015-2016 at Council of Five Nations - Adventure Gaming Convention

Council of Five Nations XXXIX

September 23-25, 2016

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The Northeast TITAN League & Championship

The SWA has been sponsoring the annual Northeast TITAN League and Championship tournament for seven years running. Qualifying games for this year's tournament started in July, and will go through February 2017. We will then congregate at the March SWA Game-a-thon at Proctors for the Semi-finals and Finals.

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We will have qualifying game rounds during several sessions at Council:

    Fri 2pm (A) • A-Board-7 • TITAN: Fantasy Monster Sluggathon  • E10

    Fri 7pm (B) • B-Board-17 • TITAN: Fantasy Monster Sluggathon  • E10

    Sat 2pm (D) • D-Board-20 • TITAN: Fantasy Monster Sluggathon  • E10

    Sat 7pm (E) • E-Board-18 • TITAN: Fantasy Monster Sluggathon  • E10

Here is the standard event description for all the sessions:

TITAN: Fantasy Monster Sluggathon * TITAN

EVENT # * $ 2
Game Master: Northeast TITAN League * 10 Players * E10

This Monster Slugathon Fantasy Wargame still has a very devoted following, a tribute to its depth and various strategies. The game is divided into two realms, the masterboard and the battleboards. Legions of mythical creatures roam about the masterboard trying to recruit bigger and badder monsters and kill opposing legions in the process. When a combat occurs, the action moves to the corresponding terrain's battleboard where the fight takes place. Lots of dice are tossed, and the legion that wins is returned to the masterboard with the spoils of war: points. As the points increase,Titans become more powerful. But be careful, If a player's Titan dies, the player is out of the game. The last Titan standing is the winner of the game.

Beginners are very welcome! This is an SWA Northeast Titan league game and the results will be recorded. Games will be made up at random from the available players. Game will be played on Super Size Deluxe Poker Chip Set of Titan. If you have any questions please email us at TitanTournament /at/ swa-gaming.org. Beginners encouraged.

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Link: Northeast TITAN League Info

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