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Special Interest Event Tracks at Council of Five Nations - Adventure Gaming Convention

Council of Five Nations XXXIX

September 23-25, 2016

Special Interest Event Tracks

Event Track Compilation

We have a bunch of event “tracks” that may appeal to your particular gaming interests.

Star Trek
To honor the 50th anniversary of Star Trek first appearing on TV (in September 1966), we have a series of games set with a Star Trek theme.
SFB * Star Fleet Battles Patrol Tournament - The Council Cup * Star Fleet Battles
B-RPG-1 * My Kingdom for a horse ! * Savage Worlds Star Trek
E-Board-4 * Star Trek: Frontiers
E-RPG-1 * Foreshadowing our Demise * Savage Worlds Star Trek - Cthulhu
E-Minis-4 * Star Fleet Battle Manual
E-Minis-5 * The Battle of Cochrane's Star (Squadron Strike: Axanar) * Squadron Strike, 2nd Edition
F-Board-6 * Star Trek: Ascendancy
Please click for the full event descriptions of all the Star Trek games.

Kids Games
We are offering a series of games where younger players are especially encouraged to attend. If this frees up mom or dad to play in another game, great! We’re asking that you exercise proper parental judgment as to whether your kid is old/mature enough to be participating without your supervision. This is not intended to be Day Care.  That being said, here is the list of Kid’s games:

B-Board-19 * Assortment of Kids Games * Kids Games
C-Board-15 * Gaming with Kids 1 * Various
C-Board-17 * Halfling Feast
C-RPG-1 * No Thank You, Evil!
C-RPG-2 * Adventure Maximus: Into the Lands of Ex Machina * Adventure Maximus
D-Board-16 * Gaming with Kids 2 * Various
D-Minis-2 * Return of the Hanghai Dragon. * Home Crafted
E-Board-9 * Dixit
E-Board-21 * Assortment of Kids Games * Kids Games
F-Board-5 * Santa's Bag, a game for the whole family! * Santa's Bag
F-RPG-3 * D&D For Kids * D&D

Please click for the Kids games full event descriptions.

Board Game Geek Top 50
We’ve gone out of our way to recruit GMs for the most popular games.  The Board Game Geek ranking is one good way for us to gauge that, and we’re well represented.  BGG favorites all weekend long!

A-Board-3 * Lords of Waterdeep
A-Board-6 * Colt Express
B-Board-1 * Ticket to Ride Series * Ticket to Ride
B-Board-2 * Concordia
B-Board-3 * Five Tribes
B-Board-4 * Power Grid
B-Board-7 * Lords of Waterdeep with Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion * Lords of Waterdeep
B-Board-8 * Blood Rage
B-Board-11 * Splendor
B-Board-13 * Codenames
C-Board-6 * Isle of Skye
C-Board-11 * Pandemic
C-Board-16 * Voyages of Marco Polo
D-Board-5 * Settlers of Catan plus Expansions * Settlers of Catan
D-Board-7 * It's a SMALLWORLD after all! * Small World
D-Board-11 * Star Wars: Imperial Assault Campaign One-Shot * Star Wars: Imperial Assault
D-Board-13 * Stone Age
D-Board-14 * Coup and Love Letter
D-Board-18 * Agricola Tournament * Agricola
E-Board-2 * Eldritch Horror
E-Board-3 * Imperial Settlers w/ Expansions * Imperial Settlers
E-Board-9 * Dixit
E-Board-10 * Colt Express (with Expansions) * Colt Express
E-Board-19 * Star Wars: Imperial Assault Campaign One-Shot * Star Wars: Imperial Assault
F-Board-1 * 7 Wonders * 7 Wonders
F-Board-4 * Betrayal at House on the Hill
F-Board-8 * Power Grid
F-Board-11 * Castles of Mad King Ludwig
F-Board-14 * Star Wars: Imperial Assault Campaign One-Shot * Star Wars: Imperial Assault
G-Board-2 * Roll for the Galaxy
G-Board-4 * Takenoko
G-Board-6 * The Grizzled

Please click for the Board Game Geek Top 50 event track page.

Battleground: Fantasy & Historical Warfare
Battleground: F/HW is an excellent miniatures game, disguised as a card game.  There are no figures to buy or paint; you can fit a whole army in your pocket.  This is NOT a “collectible card game”, where you buy many packs to get a bunch of rare cards to pump up your hand. These events have grown in popularity each year at Council, and we’re developing a reputation for one of the biggest and best Battleground cons. We’ve even got guys driving in from all over the Northeast to play at Council weekend.  Please stop by the Battleground table any time during the weekend to play a demo game.  Or, try one of these more formal events:

BFW * Seige of Hawkshold * Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
A-Minis-4 * Battleground: Fantasy Warfare Open Play * Battleground: Fantasy Warfare

The Council Wargame Room
We're setting aside a special room upstairs where the Council Grognards can sit and play their wargames in peace.  No kids games and no Euro games allowed in this room. We started this tradition last year. Help us keep it going, if these kinds of games appeal to you.
A-Board-7 * Titan
B-Board-5 * Quartermaster General - Giant Carpet Version * Quartermaster General
B-Board-9 * Twilight Struggle
B-Board-12 * Age of Renaissance
B-Board-17 * Titan
C-Board-4 * Clash of Cultures + Civilizations Expansion * Clash of Cultures
C-Board-8 * Pacific War
C-Board-20 * Twilight Struggle
C-Board-22 * Axis & Allies: 1942 2nd Edition * Axis & Allies
D-Board-4 * Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection
D-Board-8 * Victory or Death, The Peloponnesian War * Quartermaster General
D-Board-9 * Talon
D-Board-15 * Alien Frontiers with Outer Belt * Alien Frontiers
D-Board-20 * Titan
E-Board-1 * The Napoleonic Wars
E-Board-5 * Republic of Rome
E-Board-6 * Triumph and Tragedy
E-Board-8 * Axis and Allies
E-Board-11 * Eclipse
E-Board-13 * Alien Frontiers with Outer Belt * Alien Frontiers
E-Board-14 * Quartermaster General - Giant Carpet Version * Quartermaster General
E-Board-18 * Titan
F-Board-3 * Here I Stand
F-Board-7 * Space Empires 4X
F-Board-16 * Axis & Allies: 50th Anniversary Edition * Axis & Allies
Please click for full descriptions of all the games in the Council Wargame Room.

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